New Picture Book Provides Consoling-Tool to Help Children Deal with Grief

Author and former hospice nurse, Kim Vesey, publishes children’s book on familial loss titled ‘What Cloud Is My Mommy In?’

Bloomington, Indiana, UNITED STATES

BEAVERCREEK, Ohio, Aug. 24, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Losing a family member can be one of the most life-shattering experiences. In Kim Vesey’s new book, “What Cloud Is My Mommy In?: A Children’s Book About Love, Memories, and Grief,” she illustrates how difficult it is for children to understand losing one of the most influential people in their lives, their mom. It can be extremely challenging for a family member to explain to a child how to grieve for the loss they just experienced. Vesey’s book provides a roadmap for children to understand their heartbreaking loss and how to get through the first year of it in a healthy way.

The book follows a young turtle who learns how to deal with loss and grief after suddenly losing its mother and believing that she is always watching from a heavenly cloud that she now lives in. Accompanied by beautiful illustrations, “What Cloud Is My Mommy In?” shows how the little turtle gets through the first year following its mother’s death. Vesey’s story provides helpful tools for adults supporting a grieving child and suggestions for honoring memories, sharing tears and coping through the intense grief that they are experiencing. Her book will guide children through this tough time and will be a useful resource for many families.

“I decided to write ‘What Cloud Is My Mommy In?’ to help children who are grieving their mother’s death,” said Vesey. “The book is designed to companion the child and the adults who love them through the first full year of grief. It provides opportunities for tangible activities and intentional dialogue to help them express their emotions during this time.” Grief is hard and remembering can be painful. However, it is in the remembering that we process our grief and get through the really raw stages. In time, it is the remembering that brings us comfort and peace.”

“What Cloud Is My Mommy In?” is a part of a series of six children’s books focusing on familial loss and how to get through experiencing painful flares of grief during special days and events. The additional books in Vesey’s series include: “What Cloud Is My Daddy In?,” “What Cloud Is My Grandma In?,” “What Cloud Is My Grandpa In?,” “What Cloud Is My Sister In?” and “What Cloud Is My Brother In?” Her books provide ways to memorialize a loved one. This allows both the child and family the opportunity to begin working through their grief and creating new memories.

“What Cloud Is My Mommy In?: A Children’s Book About Love, Memories, and Grief”
By Kim Vesey
ISBN: 978-1-9736-6436-9 (softcover); 978-1-9736-6437-6 (eBook)
Available at the WestBow Press, Amazon and Barnes & Noble

About the author
Kim Vesey believes she was put on earth to companion the dying and comfort the grieving. She is a nurse who has worked in the field of hospice care for over 35 years. In 2006, Vesey was widowed at the age of 45, when her husband, Les, died of colon cancer. Since 2010, she has facilitated a Young Widow Support Group. In 2017, Vesey’s 29-year-old daughter, Sarah, died from complications of an asthma attack, leaving her 3-year-old son, Warren, behind. She is an inspirational speaker on the topics of end of life, death, grief and faith. Vesey has spoken nationally and has given a TED talk entitled "First Breath, Final Breath." She is now an author of four books in a series of children's books on familial loss. The two books in process are “What Cloud Is My Sister In?” and “What Cloud Is My Brother In?” Vesey has an adult son, Patrick and her grandson, Warren, who is now six.

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“What Cloud Is My Mommy In?: A Children’s Book About Love, Memories, and Grief”
By Kim Vesey

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