DSG Global, Inc. / IMPERIUM and EVRUS, LLC. Announce Letter of Intent to Incorporate Next Generation Battery Technology into Charging Stations and Electric Vehicles

British Columbia, CANADA

Fairfield, California USA, Sunnyvale, California USA and Surrey, British Columbia, Canada, Aug. 24, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- DSG Global Inc. (OTCQB: DSGT) (“DSGT”), a technology development company engaged in the design, manufacture, sales and leasing of GPS tracking devices, interfaces for golf and electric vehicles and related support services. Imperium Motor Co. ("Imperium") a new EV brand that will offer a family of affordable electric vehicles with emphasis on great design, performance, and functionality, ranging from low speed electric cars, vans, scooters to high speed electric with exclusive rights to Canada, USA, Mexico and other countries, and EVRUS, LLC, (“EV Express®”), a privately-held company engaging in the design, manufacture and market electric vehicle fast charging stations which were deployed throughout California in conjunction with California Energy Commission grants and advanced battery technology, today announced that they have executed a Letter of Intent relating to a proposed joint venture of Imperium and EV Express®.

Subject to the terms and conditions set forth in the Letter of Intent, Imperium and EV Express® plans are to continue to focus on the development and marketing of electric vehicles, electric vehicle fast charging stations and advanced battery technology. The companies will create a business model with increasing recurring revenue, a diversified customer base, and significant global reach and should result in the creation of a family of EV fast charging products and electric vehicles software and technology with comprehensive products and services capabilities. EV Express® is a proven technology with charging stations currently in use and a grant for more stations already approved. It is expected that hundreds of additional stations will be installed in California and other states in the near future. The developer of the technology, Dr. Lloyd Tran, is a former scientist for NASA and is working on the development of additional battery technologies. 

 “This is a powerful combination that is strategically compelling for both companies. It joins two electric vehicle businesses and allows the combined company to reach larger market opportunities and scale more efficiently than either organization could accomplish on its own. The joint venture will permit Electric Vehicles to travel much further on a single charge than current technology will allow. California is being hit hard by wildfires now which is a direct result of climate change and another important reason to consider driving an Electric Vehicle to reduce your Carbon Footprint. Many of our EV's can be equipped with an inverter in order to help power your home in the event of an electrical outage. This can make a real difference in keeping your lights on and refrigerator running in the case of an emergency" said Rick Curtis, President Imperium Motor Company.

“This is a joint venture of two innovative technology companies, which will create a new leader in electric vehicle transformation and enablement, with substantial opportunities to capitalize on the rapid evolution of zero emission transportation industry,” said Dr. Lloyd L. Tran, chairman and managing member of EVRUS, LLC.

DSGT is a global technology company with roots in the golf industry specializing in fleet management, mobile touch screen engagement, and electric vehicles. With seasoned leadership, a new branding team partnership, numerous technology patents, global golf course revenue generating opportunities, contracts and exclusive distribution rights with leading EV manufacturers, and dealers in place for EV sales and distribution, DSGT is poised for growth in 2020 and beyond in some of the fastest growing market sectors globally. DSGT is in Surrey, British Columbia, Canada (www.vantage-tag.com)

The Future is ElectricTM

About EVRUS, LLC ("EV Express®"): Enabling EV EverywhereSM

EVRUS, LLC. is a leading innovator, focusing on designing, manufacturing and marketing electric vehicle fast charging stations to meet the needs of the emerging zero emission industry, while fostering a clean and healthy environment. EVRUS has developed a family of electric vehicle EV Express® fast charging stations, ranging from 25 kW, 50 kW, 75 kW, 100 kW that can be installed in hotels, restaurants, apartment buildings, shopping malls and virtually everywhere with access to commercial electrical power. EVRUS has launched the EV Express® Franchise enabling entrepreneurs an opportunity to own a fast-growing franchisee selling Imperium electric vehicles and EV Express® fast charging stations. In addition, EVRUS research team is developing the state-of-the-art Lithium Air Battery Technology with more than 5 times more energy density than lithium ion battery, that can power an electric SUV more than 400 miles per single charge.
EVRUS, LLC is in Sunnyvale, California, USA (www.evrus.net)

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