Just in time for Labor Day BBQs, new easy-to-make better-for-you recipes offer a delicious twist on the classics as at-home dining and wellness focus surges

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Chicago, IL, Aug. 25, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Petal ™ Sparkling Botanical Blends, pioneer of the new sparkling botanical beverage category and leader in delivering the “power of flowers,” has teamed up with famed mixologist Ivy Mix to bring the wellness benefits of flowers to easy-to-make-at-home cocktails and mocktails that are a twist on well-known classics.  The recipes which feature Petal as a better-for-you mixer, are perfect for at-home dining and entertaining, as many Americans find themselves spending more time at home during the pandemic – and looking for healthier alternatives as they place a higher importance on self-care.

In recognition of the growing trends around healthier drinking – including the explosion of hard seltzers and non-alcoholic beverage alternatives -- all the recipes are either low-alcohol or alcohol-free.  Each also provides the added wellness benefits derived from the floral extracts and essences that are included in all Petal products. Relaxation, stress-reduction, and mood enhancement, as well as inflammation reduction and immune support, are all benefits associated with the botanical ingredients in Petal beverages. In addition, all the recipes feature lower calories, sugar or carbohydrates than their traditional versions.

Among the twists on the classic and popular cocktails created by Mix for Petal is the Mint Rose-jito – a spin on the classic mojito, featuring Petal’s Mint Rose flavor.  While Petal itself is a great everyday refreshment beverage and sober alternative straight out of the can, it can also be used as a mixer to create fun “mocktails,” so Mix also developed an alcohol-free version called the Petal Nojito:

Mint Rose-jito

Muddle 2-3 sugar snap peas (whole peas in pods) in 1/2 oz St Germaine in a collins glass

Add 1 oz vodka

Squeeze of 1 lemon wedge

Add crushed ice

Top with 4 oz Petal Sparkling Botanical Blends Mint Rose

Garnish with mint sprig 


Petal Nojito (mocktail)

Muddle 2-3 sugar snap peas (whole peas in pods) in a collins glass with 1/2 tsp monk fruit sugar

Add to glass 1.5 oz Seedlip Garden

Squeeze of 1 lemon wedge

Top with crushed ice and then add 4 oz Petal Sparkling Botanical Blends Mint Rose

Garnish with a mint sprig 

The full list of recipes and detailed mixing instructions are available on the Petal website at

Petal will offer a limited-time 25% discount on its 12-count cases on during the ten days leading up to the Labor Day holiday (August 29 to September 7) to make it even easier to enjoy the new recipe creations or simply enjoy Petal refreshment straight out of the can. The discount can be found at the Petal storefront at

“While so refreshingly delicious on its own, I was excited to experiment with Petal as a mixer, and discover what a flavorful and aromatic foundation it can be for creating sophisticated cocktails with the botanical notes people love, but in a better-for-you version that is easy to make at home with very few ingredients,” said mixologist and author Ivy Mix, head bartender and co-owner of the James Beard-nominated Leyenda bar in Brooklyn, New York. “The floral notes really stand on their own, so the goal was to complement each of them with other fruit, herb, and spice notes that could build on and enhance that infrastructure to re-imagine some of the most classic and trendy cocktails people are loving in 2020.”

Petal founder and CEO Candice Crane added, “The partnership between Petal and Ivy Mix is a great match, as we are both in a sense ‘beverage alchemists” and also share an important commitment to female empowerment. I created Petal with the desire to celebrate the women who have inspired me, and to help inspire other women to make their own dreams come true. Ivy has been a crusader for women within a largely male-dominated industry, so we were particularly thrilled to have the opportunity to collaborate.”  

About Petal Sparkling Botanicals

Petal Sparkling Botanicals, pioneer of the new sparkling botanical beverage category, provides the unique “power of flowers” in a delicious certified organic, low-calorie, low sugar (sweetened with organic agave), alcohol-free and caffeine-free beverage for everyday refreshment and enjoyment. Petal uses only the finest botanical essences and extracts in its better-for-you beverages, which include three rose-infused flavors -- Original Rose, Mint Rose and Lychee Rose -- in addition to Peach Marigold Basil, Elderberry White Tea Flower, and Lemongrass Dandelion Strawberry flavors. The beverage is designed to be enjoyed right out of the can, as a better for you refreshment option or sober alternative to today’s popular hard seltzers, and can also be used as a botanical cocktail mixer.  Petal is available nationally on Amazon, and at select major retailers across the country.  More information, including store locations, can be found at Join the Petal tribe on Instagram: @DrinkPetal.

About Ivy Mix

Ivy Mix is Co-Owner and Head Bartender of Leyenda, her James Beard Award nominated pan-Latin cocktail bar in Brooklyn, New York.  Leyenda has won numerous industry awards and has been recognized as being one of the best bars in America.  Mix has been recognized by many within the culinary and cocktail industry as being one of the best bartenders in the country.  In 2015, she was named Bartender of the Year at Tales of the Cocktails Spirited Awards and in 2016 was named Mixologist of the Year by Wine Enthusiast. Additionally, Ivy has inspired the nation to rethink women’s role behind the bar.  She conceptualized and co-founded Speed Rack – a national competition that creates a platform for female bartenders while raising money for breast-cancer related charities. Her first book, Spirits of Latin America, was published this spring.  More information can be found at

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Flower-powered cocktails and mocktails featuring Petal Sparkling Botanical Blends, developed by award-winning mixologist Ivy Mix. Easy-to-make recipes deliver the wellness benefits of flowers in refreshing low-alcohol or alcohol-free creations, perfect for Labor Day celebrations.  The Mint Rose-jito and Petal Nojito featuring Petal Sparkling Botanical Beverages, developed by award-winning mixologist Ivy Mix. This low-alcohol cocktail and alcohol-free mocktail is made with Petal Sparkling Botanical Blends Mint Rose.

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