The Boy From New Orleans, Michael Everest DeMarco Launches His Film Career

New Orleans, Louisiana, Aug. 26, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Today, Hollywood can boast of many highly talented and sought-after acting stars, each with a fan-base of millions and bank accounts to match. Against such a background, it would be almost impossible to outshine such megastars with an acting performance record that arrests audiences and film producers’ attention. Still, one upcoming career actor has done just that. Born in New Orleans, Michael Everest DeMarco has been steadily adding challenging acting roles to his career in a way that has not gone unnoticed by his peers.

Early Opportunities

But it did not start that way. While many well-known child actors were raised by privileged parents already connected with the movie industry, DeMarco has forged his way since being discovered at age 13 and introduced to modeling. Being of Indian-American descent, the young DeMarco's attractive dark looks and confident outgoing personality were instrumental in landing him both modeling and theatrical gigs, which used his almost princely Eastern features to advantage.

DeMarco's parentage has not been without its positive influence, however. Brought up with solid values and an unstinting work ethic, the young DeMarco was able to turn his natural raw ability into polished talent through sheer effort and selected high-quality training opportunities. As an adolescent, DeMarco's acting maturity continued to develop, and exposure to accomplished adults and mentors within the industry helped him hone his social skills and acting aplomb. Part of DeMarco's success seems to have evolved naturally due to his genuine interest in other people and healthy relationships, rather than being inwardly focused as many child stars typically are. 

Live Theatre Performances

As an engaging and active young person, DeMarco transitioned from modeling to acting with ease and ambition. The many audition calls and inevitable disappointments did not dissuade him from the steady hard work and consistency needed by aspiring young actors, and this finally paid off in the form of a part in Clifford Odets production "Golden Boy.” And this was not just any part; DeMarco was given the leading role of the main character, Joe Bonaparte. The characterization of Bonaparte, a young Italian-American musician, seemed perfectly made for DeMarco himself, and required the delivery of a convincing emotionally charged performance. DeMarco executed the part with perfection, wowing his audience and opening the way for more acting engagements.

The boy from New Orleans accomplished his next victory as the Duke of Buckingham in Shakespeare's classic historical tragedy, "King Richard III.” A challenging part to carry off with conviction, Buckingham’s character needs to display restrained anguish as he leads the young princes to their death in Shakespeare's haunting play. Lest the industry is led to believe that DeMarco's only strength was his emotional deliveries, his next part was a departure from this cast and saw him take on a role of unique sophistication in Maxwell Anderson's theatrical ballad, "Winterset.”

Hollywood's New Film Talent

The move from theatre to film making was inevitable for a young performer like DeMarco whose talent by now had not escaped the notice of scouts looking to fill minor movie roles with quality acting. To strengthen his skill-set, Michael Everest DeMarco invested in world-class training under elite acting coaches such as Sal Dano of Actors Studio, Los Angeles.

But Michael Everest DeMarco's program of goal achievement is not for his ambitions alone. His commitment is to posture himself for philanthropic prowess as well. DeMarco cites Tom Hanks as one of his role models in this endeavor, and he has already followed in the footsteps of his childhood hero Hanks in organizing fundraising events for the underprivileged. It remains to be seen how the young DeMarco's future impact on the industry will continue to shine, benefiting moviegoers, and inspiring and motivating others to commit to excellence in their own chosen fields.


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