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RelSup, LLC is Introducing Dietary Supplements to Support Liver and Gallbladder Function, Digestion, Metabolic Health, and Lactose Intolerance

BOCA RATON, FL, Aug. 26, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- RelSup, a nutraceutical company in Minnesota, announced this week it is introducing four new dietary supplements to support liver function, gallbladder function, digestion, metabolic health, and lactose intolerance. 

“We have partnered with PharmUnion, LLC to develop and distribute reliable supplements that people can trust,” said Steve Berens, President of RelSup, the U.S. distributor for these supplements. “The proprietary formulas, ingredients, and delivery systems set our supplements apart from other products currently on the market.”

Berens said these four supplements were chosen because of their unique formulations that address common ailments American consumers live with daily.

RelSup is introducing the following supplements:

  • Supracol, which targets the colon to support digestive function, contains butyric acid, prebiotics, and probiotics. The Supracol capsule is gastro-resistant, which prevents it from prematurely breaking down and targets the lower intestine.
  • Artizak, which provides strong support for liver, gall bladder, and digestive function, and helps promote metabolic health. Artizak contains a unique set of ingredients that include artichoke leaf extract, dandelion root extract, inositol, and choline dihydrogen. Artizak comes in a 10ml liquid foil pack.
  • Lactacol, contains an enzyme, lactase, which aids in the digestion of dairy products.
  • Hepazak, which was developed to support liver health by providing unique ingredients that promote liver injury protection, contains a potent antioxidant, reduces acidosis, and aids in the elimination of dyspeptic disorders. Hepazak comes in a 10ml liquid foil pack.

Berens said one of the ingredients that set Supracol apart from other products is butyric acid, which recent research suggests could benefit the colon.

“It is the combination of a gastro-resistant capsule, butyric acid, probiotics and prebiotics that makes Supracol different from its competitors” he added.

More than 100 million people in America use outpatient visits annually because of bloating and diarrhea, two of the most common digestion problems.

“Lactacol was developed with Lactase to help prevent gas, bloating, and diarrhea caused by lactose intolerance,” Berens said, adding that lactase is an enzyme that breaks down dairy products. “Many people who are lactose intolerant do not make enough lactose, and thus prevents them from digesting dairy products efficiently.”

Berens said Hepazak’s two active ingredients are L-Arginine, which promotes detoxification, and Betaine, a strong antioxidant that helps prevent or slow damage to cells caused by free radicals.

Berens said RelSup plans to expand its distribution across the U.S.

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