CloudHauz Corp. Announces Immediate Availability of Emergency Shelters and ADUs that Go Up in 24 Hours

MORAGA, Calif., Aug. 27, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- As fire and hurricane season hit hard across the US and fallout from COVID-19 is displacing more and more families each month, CloudHauz, Corp. today announced the immediate availability of The CloudHauz Defender™ series of shelters and ADUs.

The Defenders come in four models: 8x12 8x16, 8x18 and 8x20 feet options, and can be built on a trailer frame, on cement piers or on a simple concrete slab foundation. Prices start at $15,500 and units can be ordered and shipped directly to site locations such as coliseums, campgrounds, fairgrounds, backyards, driveways and parking lots anywhere around the globe. At the core of every shelter is a patented prefabricated and modular SIP (structural Insulated Panels) that fortifies the dwellings from fire, hurricane and earthquake damage, as well as pest infestation (mold/rot, termites, rodents).

“We want to get our dwellings out to evacuation sites as soon as possible,” said Lisa Copass, CEO and Founder of CloudHauz. “We’re asking organizations to contact us so we can organize efforts to distribute shelters. We are also using this opportunity to say as a nation and a planet we must pivot our thinking in terms of climate change and building safe and durable shelter – for all, not just some. Building dwellings of the future, that are safe, quick to construct and resistant to climate disruption, needed to happen years ago, but there is no time like the present to start and CloudHauz is making this possible with advanced construction technology.”

Copass added that CloudHauz has been in early discussion with several municipalities and is open to working with housing and emergency shelter authorities across the country to distribute shelters that will be far safer in future disasters.

CloudHauz shelters arrive in kits of prefabricated SIPs (structural insulated panels) ready to “click” and “screw” into place – the SIPs can be constructed by two people in 16-24 hours with just a power screwdriver. Plumbing, electrical, solar panels, windows, doors, exterior siding and interior finishings are sold separately as upgrades and according to customer desired needs.

CloudHauz dwellings are safe and designed for human habitation unlike some solutions being used for shelters and ADUs like Tuff Sheds that use carcinogenic-infused wood – both dangerous especially if a fire breaks out. CloudHauz Defender units run between $15,500 and $60,000 compared to the FEMA trailers in 2005, which on average cost $65,000 and were never used again due to toxic molds.

The combination of building designs and appropriate construction materials make The Defender Series durable enough to live through multiple natural disasters (fires, floods, earthquakes) and has a lifespan of 300 years. In addition to durability and safety, CloudHauz prides itself on building esthetically pleasing dwellings. The attractive modern designs allow the CloudHauz Defender to blend in with, and even enhance any neighborhood, which helps eliminate NIMBY syndrome (Not In My Back Yard) – a phenomena where a neighborhood supports emergency shelters and affordable housing, but rejects them being placed close to their residence.

  • Additional benefits of CloudHauz dwellings:
  • Highest Fire Safety Ratings (Materials include Steel, Composites, Stone, Glass, Melamine)
  • Seismic Events Up To 9.0 (Richter Scale)
  • Winds Up To 200 MPH (Dade County Tested)
  • Thermal Values (as high as R-57)
  • 50% Faster to Build Than Wood Construction
  • 75% Increase in Efficiency
  • 50% Less Cost + Waste
  • 100% Recyclable and Made from Recycled materials
  • Energy Star, Title 24, No Toxics, Carcinogenic or Off -Gas

Building For Climate Change: The Pathway Forward

CloudHauz is taking a firm position on building dwellings immediately to protect future lives from the fires, hurricanes, earthquakes, floods and other severe weather events our planet is currently experiencing – using advanced construction technology readily available today.

CloudHauz promotes building with less wood and timber construction, instead, using other natural and organic materials such as steel, composite, glass and stone. Wood construction is problematic for building, especially since there are alternatives today that are stronger, go up quicker and cost about the same or up to 50% than wood build depending on the location of the building project. In addition, the weaning off of wood will reduce deforestation which is a major cause of climate change.

“Because of the building materials CloudHauz uses in all its designs, structures, and interior and exterior finishing products, we are now able to build safe and long-lasting dwellings to better support the human population during an era of mass destruction from natural disasters,” continued Copass. “We have searched the globe for building materials, which we have found, that will help save lives and are putting them to use in all our dwellings.”

CloudHauz, Corp. is a provider of hazard-resistant dwellings that give people, homes, and businesses the best chance of survival in natural disasters. The company launched earlier in 2020 with a mission to bring fast, affordable, safe and earth-friendly dwellings to the masses.

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