Black Political Prisoner Seeks Bail Pending Appeal After COVID-19 Infection Attack at Seattle FDC

Beverly Hills, California, UNITED STATES

SEATTLE, Aug. 28, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- An African-American political activist at a federal detention center (FDC), in Seattle, filed a ‘COVID-19 emergency motion for bail pending [a delayed] appeal review, or compassionate release,’ at the United States Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit, in Philadelphia, Pa., after being forced to share a prison cell with another African-American male who tested positive for the coronavirus at FDC SeaTac, upon turning himself into prison for a drug-test related parole violation days prior.

According to court papers, on August 20, 2020, civil rights lobbyist Cary Lee Peterson (40) was assigned a cellmate, who arrived to FDC SeaTac infected with the coronavirus, July 17, despite that same morning, the FDC’s associate warden publishing an inmate notification [letter] stating, “SeaTac still has zero positive cases of COVID-19 for staff and inmates,” and Peterson’s prisoner unit having over twenty empty cells. However, the newly arrived inmate infected with the COVID-19 virus caused the entire prison facility to invoke a “24-7 (cell confinement)” lock down for 14 days, that ended August 6.

FDC SeaTac’s July 17 inmate notification also stated, “Movement is still restricted and only critical transfers are allowed,” but Federal Bureau of Prisons’ population reports showed that BOP’s Seattle detention center went from 585 to 615 inmates, between July 16 and August 6, despite the BOP’s national prisoner population decreasing from 158,838 to 157,526 within the same time period, with respect to the CARES Act, ordered by the Trump administration and Congress, March 13, 2020, and adopted by United States Attorney General William Barr, April 6, in efforts to reduce the federal prison population due to the potential health risks introduced by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Court records stated that Peterson (40) suffers from a respiratory disorder requiring a prescribed medicine that the prison’s health department discontinued May, upon Peterson filing a civil rights lawsuit (i.e., Cary Lee Peterson, et al. v. John Doe 1, et al., Civ. Case No. 20-CV-00808 – U.S. District Court, Nevada) against FDC SeaTac, Federal Bureau of Prisons, Warden Israel Jacquez, and Seattle-based law firm Foster Garvey, who represent 2020 presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders- Foster Garvey who is [also] involved in a bank data breach lawsuit (Peterson v. Foster Garvey P.C., et al., D.C. Cir., Nov. 2019), involving Peterson, as previously reported on last December on EINNews (at and [see Civil Complaint at].

Court research founded on Peterson’s direct appeal case in the Third Circuit Federal Court, revealed that he was convicted and sentenced to 52 months of imprisonment on (non-violent) securities fraud charges, December 20, 2020, had appealed the criminal conviction of final judgment, January, 11, 2019; and thereafter was designated to serve his sentence at FCI Sheridan, Oregon, while his (ex-parte) sentencing proceedings continued (without him or a defense attorney) present before U.S. District Judge Anne Thompson and the U.S. Attorney, May 10, 2019, but were never finalized. Order requests for court transcripts for the ‘inexplicable’ 2019 court hearing were made last month, but court record stated that the daily transcript order has yet to be completed, despite the case docket showing them being available for purchase or public viewing at the U.S. courthouse, in Trenton, N.J.

Currently Peterson’s “COVID-19 Emergency Motion” for bail pending appeal or compassionate release beget 2019 legal actions regarding– his accepted petition to commutate (or pardon) his prison sentence; the New Jersey federal district court’s “termination” of [parallel] SEC charges against him; and Federal Circuit Justice Michael Chagares denying Peterson’s motion for bail pending appeal, around the same time the bank [“blues sheets”] data breach lawsuit had been filed by Peterson, in the D.C. federal district court- the aforesaid [Foster Garvey] lawsuit, involving a private university [as a co-defendant], where Justice Chagares was moonlighting as a law professor when he denied Peterson’s bail motion.

Nonetheless, civil rights activist Cary Peterson remains incarcerated awaiting the Court of Appeals’ decision on his ‘extraordinary’ series of pending legal actions.

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An African-American political activist at a federal detention center FDC in Seattle