Doggykingdom Is Proud to Celebrate it's 500,000th Sale

Doggykingdom offers personalized harnesses with a lifetime warranty

New York, New York, Sept. 01, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Doggykingdom is proud to celebrate the sale of over 500,000 dog harnesses. This sale is a major milestone in the company’s journey of delivering quality dog products. In its 3 years of existence, the company has established a reputation of excellence in customer service. Whenever clients purchase a dog harness from Doggykingdom, they are given a lifetime warranty for the product, as proof of the company’s confidence in the quality of its products. The company also offers customers a 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee in case they are not satisfied with a product.  

This strong customer service extends to all other products and is the reason behind the growth in customer numbers to over 155,000. Doggykingdom’s superior customer service is rooted in its mission and the philosophy behind its formation. The company was founded in 2018 out of a dog lover’s desire to share the love she has for her dog with the world. Every product sold on the company’s platform is of a quality that the founder’s dog can use. The company’s mission takes cognizance of the fact that nothing makes a dog owner happier than looking into the face of a happy dog. It is for this reason that they strive to sell the best quality products, and with money-back guarantees, extensive product warranties, and other incentives.

Besides its strong customer service, Doggykingdom uses a portion of its product sales to support dog charities. The charity works are part of its philosophy of keeping all dogs as happy as the founder’s dog. Since not every dog, is lucky enough to have a home, the donations help the company reach dogs that are under the care of dog non-profits and shelters. The company also encourages dog owners to offer suggestions on dog charities that they would love to see receive donations. So far it has given to multiple charities across the U.S and is continually expanding the number of charities that benefit. 

Doggykingdom is an online shop for dog products. The company sells its products via Through this website, customers are guaranteed to receive everything they need. 


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