OODA Health Taps Alcide to Provide Kubernetes Security for Its Growing Applications on Bottlerocket

Alcide’s Kubernetes Security Platform to monitor OODA Health’s Kubernetes configurations and runtime environment by supporting HIPAA compliance, security visualizations and security enforcement

TEL AVIV, Israel, Sept. 01, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Alcide, a Kubernetes security leader empowering DevSecOps teams with end-to-end continuous security guardrails for Kubernetes deployments, today announced OODA Health, Inc., a healthcare technology company focused on empowering patients, providers, and payers with real-time healthcare interactions, will be using the Alcide Kubernetes Security Platform to provide security scanning on Bottlerocket. OODA Health will leverage the Alcide Advisor’s ability to scan Kubernetes configurations for vulnerabilities such as misplaced secrets and security drifts, to visualize security risks for their healthcare payment application, as well as to address HIPAA compliance in their Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (Amazon EKS) environment.

OODA Health is a San Francisco-based startup that raised $40.5 million in 2018 to remove inefficiency and waste from healthcare administration. OODA Health’s solution, OODAPay™, is a cloud-based healthcare payment platform that relieves providers of the burden of patient billing and empowers payers to deliver a superior payment experience for members. OODAPay™ utilizes Bottlerocket and Amazon EKS and tapped Alcide for its K8s-native security features.

“As a healthcare solutions provider, we must seek comprehensive cybersecurity protection for our software,” says Mitch Anderson, Senior Site Reliability Engineer of OODA Health. “Alcide’s collaboration with Bottlerocket ensures we have a solution that is compatible, trustworthy and tailor-made to protect our Kubernetes deployments by detecting configuration errors and network security risks in runtime.”

Bottlerocket is an open-source Linux-based platform for running containers on both virtual machines and bare metal hosts. It is built to optimize performance, security, and updating for containerized applications. One of the main features of Bottlerocket is its elimination of package-by-package updates. Package-by-package updates entail significant management overhead and can inadvertently cause security drifts. Alcide is an Advanced Technology Partner in the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Partner Network (APN) that participated in the launch of Bottlerocket, providing Kubernetes security to developers using Bottlerocket and Amazon EKS.

Simplifying visualizations of security risks and protecting their applications from security drifts between their development, testing, and production environments is a top priority for OODA Health’s security team. The Alcide Kubernetes Security Platform will monitor OODA Health’s pre-deployment and production environments for Kubernetes misconfigurations and new zero- day vulnerabilities and exploits, helping them to meet compliance.

“OODA Health’s selection of Alcide as a Kubernetes security solution is the kind of outcome we envisioned from our technology launch APN Partners," said Deepak Singh, Vice President, Compute Services, Amazon Web Services, Inc. "Developers can continue to utilize Bottlerocket’s OS capabilities and its ecosystem of partners to streamline their development and management of cloud-native applications."

“We are excited to support OODA Health and their application development on Bottlerocket, as part of our growing focus on the Healthcare sector, which is increasing its Kubernetes adoption. As a key APN Partner at the launch of Bottlerocket, we feel it is an evolutionary leap forward for containers hosting, no matter where they run, and that combined with the Alcide Kubernetes Security Platform, will give OODA Health a perfect balance between security, automation and operations,” said Amir Ofek, CEO of Alcide.

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About OODA Health
OODA Health’s mission is to transform healthcare administration by enabling real-time interactions between patients, providers and payers. We’re focused on eliminating the friction and delays in current payment processes that will save $400B of wasted spend, improve the member experience and inspire greater collaboration between providers and payers. Leveraging an innovative technology platform, OODA Health partners with leading health plans and providers including Anthem, Dignity Health, a part of CommonSpirit Health, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona, Blue Shield of California, Hill Physicians Medical Group and others. For more information about OODA Health, please visit www.ooda-health.com.

About Alcide
Alcide is a Kubernetes security leader empowering DevOps teams to drive seamless security guardrails to their CI/CD pipelines, and security teams to continuously secure and protect their growing Kubernetes deployments. Alcide provides a single Kubernetes-native AI-driven security platform for cross Kubernetes aspects: configuration risks, visibility across clusters, and run-time security events. Combined with policies enforcement, and a behavioral anomaly engine that detects anomalous and malicious network activity, Alcide ensures that the entire dev-to-production pipeline is secured.

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