Healix International/HX Global announces SAP Concur partnership to help employers locate and communicate with employees during critical incidents

Hingham, Massachusetts, UNITED STATES

Boston, Sept. 01, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- HX Global, the  US division of leading international health and security provider Healix International, has announced plans to integrate with SAP® Concur® solutions. SAP Concur is the world’s leading brand for travel, expense and invoice management solutions. The new version of the Healix Sentinel Tracker will leverage SAP Concur data to address the safety challenges facing employers with global workforces.

“In today’s world, with the persistent risk of high-impact, localized security incidents occurring in even some of the safest environments, the pressure on security managers has never been higher,” explained Mike Webb, CEO of Healix International. “And one of the big challenges at times of critical incidents is finding an efficient and effective way to locate and communicate with employees that may be affected.”

“The Healix Sentinel Tracker tackles this hurdle by tapping into the wealth of health and security intelligence gathered by our network of experts on an hourly, daily and weekly basis. We will integrate with the SAP Concur Itinerary API, which delivers comprehensive traveer location data from Concur® Travel, Concur® TripLink, TripIt® from Concur and Concur® Request. The result is rapid location of employees that could be impacted by a critical incident and real-time communications to ascertain their safety and provide assistance at times of critical need.”

The Healix Sentinel Tracker will utilize the travel and employee profile information to effectively pinpoint the location of a company’s business travelers, expatriate workers and local nationals across the globe. Risk managers are therefore able to monitor and account for their globally mobile workforce via integration with the Healix Sentinel Travel Oracle mobile app.

With “Location Services” activated by employees on the app, they receive alerts based on their physical location while risk managers are provided with an accurate, real-time global view of their employees on an interactive map and alerted of any incidents where they have employees in that location. Security alerts and notifications are pushed to employees and risk managers in a timely manner with incident level thresholds configurable according to each client’s specific requirements. A full audit trail of messages also is retained.

Alerts are published in real-time by Healix International/HX Global’s intelligence analysts who monitor, corroborate and analyse breaking developments and potential threats as they happen. Impact radius or geo-fencing can be used to ensure that alerts and notifications are only targeted at employees in affected locations, reducing disengagement caused by issuing generic alerts irrelevant to other employees.

When a critical incident occurs, the geo-fencing feature can be used to rapidly identify all employees in the affected area, with contact made via the integrated communication capabilities to quickly ascertain each individual’s safety and wellbeing. Clients can use the platform to manage this process themselves or outsource the responsibility to Healix’s in-house security operations team.

Features of the Healix Sentinel Tracker include:

  • App-based tracking tool, providing greater accuracy in terms of location data
  • Will be integrated with:
    • Desktop tracking platform for risk managers
    • Healix medical and security content
    • Concur Travel, Concur TripLink, TripIt and Concur Request
  • Enhanced risk management controls to increase organizational situational awareness
  • Automated alert notifications and intelligence for employees and travellers 
    • Data set includes alerts via app, email and/or SMS and country briefing reports
    • Configurable thresholds for risk intelligence notifications
  • Employer notification of exposure in relation to an incident
  • Notification of an employee’s request for assistance
  • Fully integrated mass notification system for communication with all global employees
  • Geo-fencing and messaging capabilities
  • “Check-in” feature that allows an employee or traveller to manually “check-in” at a particular location 24/7, showing up on the map within the system.

The Healix Sentinel Tracker is complemented by the Healix Sentinel Critical Watch service as Mike Webb explained: “A critical incident affecting a global workforce could happen at any time of the day or night, anywhere in the world. But if an organization does not have the in-house resource to provide around the clock monitoring, the employer’s duty of care can be seriously undermined. Healix Sentinel Critical Watch pairs with the Healix Sentinel Tracker to deliver 24/7 support on an employer’s behalf. In the event of a critical incident, our in-house Global Security Operations Centers will immediately identify employee exposure within an incident impact radius and proactively reach out to ascertain their safety on the company’s behalf.”


HX Global is the US division of Healix International, a global provider of travel risk management and international medical, security and travel assistance services. Working on behalf of multinationals, governments, NGOs and insurers they look after the welfare of expatriates, travellers, offshore workers and local nationals in every country of the world. Healix provide a comprehensive, integrated range of solutions to help safeguard the health and security of their clients’ employees, providing a single point of contact to access the expertise and help they may need, wherever they are in the world, 24/7.

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