$7.6 Billion Worldwide Native Starch Industry to 2026 - Emerging Trend of Bio-fuels and Bio-materials Presents Opportunities


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Worldwide consumption of foods and products with a long shelf life is growing. Therefore, manufacturers have an incentive to expand the product line, for which they will need native starches with high functionality. Starch is a polysaccharide which is made up of glucose and is cache carbohydrate of the plant kingdom. The starch granules are laid into made the roots, seeds, stem pits and tubers of plants as a cache food supply for periods of growth, germination and dormancy. Native starches still perform prominent thickening and texturizing functions in fresh foods, restaurant production, and food processing. According to the publisher, Native Starch Market is expected to be US$ 7.60 Billion globally by the end of the year 2026.

Native starch has a long history of being used as a food source, but because of its abundance, nonfood applications have been developed. Available carbohydrates are mostly isolated from corn, wheat, potato, or cassava. The most commonly used native starches in global food processing are corn (dent, waxy maize, high amylose). By Industry Consumption, Confectionery, Corrugating and Paper Making and Drinks and Processed Food will be gardened in the forecast period.

In 2018, Cargill invested in potato starch production in Denmark. This investment demonstrated Cargill's to provide food manufacturing customers with the functional native starches they need to meet the demand of label-conscious consumers. During the coronavirus pandemic, some food and beverage manufacturers faced a lack of ingredients. To prevent a similar situation in the future, they are likely to diversify supplies by expanding the list of suppliers. Another possibility in the case of a shortage of raw materials may be the use of flexible rules for labelling ingredients for their substitution.

This report titled Native Starch Market, Production & Global Forecast, By (Corn, Wheat, Cassava, Potato), By (Americas, Europe, Asia Pacific, ROW), By (Confectionery & Drinks, Processed Food, Corrugating & Paper Making, Feed, Pharmaceuticals & Chemicals, Non-food), Company (Cargill, Ingredion, Tate & Lyle, Archer Daniels Midland Company, Riddhi Siddhi Gluco Biols Ltd. and Gulshan Polyols Ltd.) studies the global starch market and production.

Key Topics Covered:

1. Introduction

2. Research Methodology

3. Executive Summary

4. Global Native Starch Market

5. Market Share Analysis - Global Native Starch
5.1 By Raw Material
5.2 By Region

6. Production Share Analysis - Global Native Starch
6.1 By Raw Materials
6.2 By Region

7. Industry Consumption Share Analysis - Global Native Starch

8. Raw Materials - Global Native Starch Market
8.1 Corn
8.2 Wheat
8.3 Cassava
8.4 Potato

9. America - Native Starch Market
9.1 Raw Materials Market Share Analysis
9.2 By Raw Materials
9.2.1 Corn
9.2.2 Wheat
9.2.3 Cassava
9.2.4 Potato

10. Europe - Native Starch Market
10.1 By Raw Materials - Market Share Analysis
10.2 By Raw Materials
10.2.1 Corn
10.2.2 Wheat
10.2.3 Potato

11. Asia-Pacific - Native Starch Market
11.1 By Raw Materials - Market Share Analysis
11.2 By Raw Materials
11.2.1 Corn
11.2.2 Wheat
11.2.3 Cassava
11.2.4 Potato

12. Rest of the World - Native Starch Market
12.1 By Raw Materials - Market Share Analysis
12.2 By Raw Materials
12.2.1 Corn
12.2.2 Wheat
12.2.3 Cassava
12.2.4 Potato

13. Industry Consumption - Global Native Starch
13.1 Confectionery and Drinks
13.2 Processed food
13.3 Corrugating and Paper Making
13.4 Feed
13.5 Pharma and Chemicals
13.6 Other non-food

14. Global Native Starch Production

15. Raw Materials - Global Native Starch Production
15.1 Corn
15.2 Wheat
15.3 Cassava
15.4 Potato

16. Americas - Native Starch Production
16.1 By Raw Materials - Production Share Analysis
16.2 By Raw Materials
16.2.1 Corn
16.2.2 Wheat
16.2.3 Cassava
16.2.4 Potato

17. Europe - Native Starch Production
17.1 By Raw Materials - Production Share Analysis
17.2 By Raw Materials
17.2.1 Corn
17.2.2 Wheat
17.2.3 Potato

18. Asia-Pacific - Native Starch Production
18.1 By Raw Materials - Production Share Analysis
18.2 By Raw Materials
18.2.1 Corn
18.2.2 Wheat
18.2.3 Cassava
18.2.4 Potato

19. Rest of World - Native Starch Production
19.1 By Raw Materials - Production Share Analysis
19.2 By Raw Materials
19.2.1 Corn
19.2.2 Wheat
19.2.3 Cassava
19.2.4 Potato

20. Processing Process
20.1 Starch Value Chain
20.2 Corn Starch Production Process
20.3 Wheat Starch Production Process
20.4 Cassava Starch Production Process
20.5 Potato Starch Production Process

21. Company Analysis
21.1 Cargill
21.1.1 Overview
21.1.2 Recent Development
21.1.3 Revenue
21.2 Ingredion
21.2.1 Overview
21.3 Recent Development
21.3.1 Revenue
21.4 Archer Daniels Midland Company
21.4.1 Overview
21.4.2 Recent Development
21.4.3 Revenue
21.5 Tate & Lyle
21.5.1 Overview
21.5.2 Recent Development
21.5.3 Revenue

22. Growth Drivers
22.1 Food and Food Processing Industries
22.2 Paper and Adhesive Industries
22.3 Emerging Trend of Bio-fuels and Bio-materials

23. Restraints
23.1 Resin Glue - Alternative to Starch Adhesives

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