Welcome to WRLDCTY, the planet’s largest virtual cities conference

The first-of-its-kind virtual event will unite 10,000 citizens, city lovers and urbanists on Oct. 22 – 24. Check out the full lineup of 100+ speakers like Richard Florida and David Miller, plus 70+ keynotes, panels and exclusive urban experiences, at WRLDCTY.com.

New York, Sept. 03, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Resonance Consultancy, a leading advisor in real estate, tourism, and economic development for countries, cities and communities, is excited to announce WRLDCTY, a first-of-its-kind virtual event that will unite 10,000 citizens, city lovers and urbanists on Oct. 22 - 24 under one virtual roof.

For three exciting days broadcasting from cities around the world, including official host cities London, Singapore, Los Angeles, Toronto, New York and Hong Kong, WRLDCTY will stream non-stop from three stages, consisting of keynotes by coveted urban visionaries, workshops and live Q&A sessions to connect you with the innovation, the big ideas and the work being done in the world’s top cities, even though you’re unable to visit them.

“We may not be traveling to other cities, but the planet’s urban centers are still innovating, growing and evolving, now more than ever amidst the pandemic,” says Resonance Consultancy President & CEO Chris Fair. “We wanted to unite this global community of citizens, activists and artists, entrepreneurs, students, planners and policy makers from around the world to explore, create and celebrate the best of urban life.”

The result? An unparalleled lineup of more than 100 speakers—urbanists, sought-after visionaries, entrepreneurs, authors, DJs and artists—will share their insights, inspiration and craft. They will present actionable insights, data-driven knowledge and innovative ideas from the world's best cities.

The all-in-one cities event will bring you closer to urban innovation and the cities leading the planet in livability and bold reinvention. “It’s an opportunity to come together like never before and forge the future we want for our industries, cities and communities,” says Fair. “You’ll also be able to meet and network with people around the world and join a new community of citizens striving to not only overcome the challenges in front of us, but to make the world a better place in the process.”

WRLDCTY will be the largest virtual cities event ever. 10,000+ attendees, 100+ speakers and 70+ sessions

Just a few of the speakers:

Richard Florida Author of The Rise of the Creative Class and The New Urban Crisis

David Miller Director of International Diplomacy for C40 Cities

Greg Clarke Global Head of Future Cities & New Industries HSBC

Dan Doctoroff CEO of Sidewalk Labs

Saskia Sassen Professor of Sociology at Columbia and author of the Global City

Shin-pei Tsay Director of Policy for Uber

Charles Landry Author of The Art of City Making

Parag Khanna Global Strategy Advisor and Author

Please see the full lineup and programming at www.WRLDCTY.com.


WRLDCTY is the planet’s first and largest virtual event dedicated to cities, their citizens, culture and experiences. Taking place on October 22 – 24, the 100% virtual event will broadcast from cities around the world, sharing their stories and exploring all facets of urban life, stewardship and creativity through the lens of culture, design, economy, inclusivity, sustainability and well-being. Featuring 100+ speakers and 70+ sessions led by leading urban visionaries, mayors, artists and other enlightened citizens, WRLDCTY will unite 10,000 attendees over the course of an unforgettable three days, from the comfort of home.


As leading advisors in real estate, tourism and economic development, Resonance combines expertise in research, strategy, storytelling and design to make destinations, cities and developments more valuable and more vibrant. Our team has completed more than 100 research, strategy and branding assignments for developers and government agencies in 70-plus countries, and our research has been featured in more than 1,000 media outlets around the world. To learn more, please visit www.resonanceco.com.


WRLDCTY is the planet's largest virtual cities festival, running over three days with 100+ speakers and 70+ sessions from Oct. 22 - 24, 2020. WRLDCTY is the planet's largest virtual cities festival, broadcasting from cities around the world over three days with 100+ speakers and 70+ sessions from Oct. 22 - 24, 2020.

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