Sage X3 Deployment Streamlines Operations and Drives 249% ROI Potential for Distribution Firms

Deployment of the Sage X3 solution can help distribution firms recognize substantive ROI gains and drive sustained TEI

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Distribution firms now face critical challenges stemming from the inefficiencies of legacy systems, limited capacities of existing business management software and lost insight into critical operations owing to loosely-integrated management tools. Combined with the need to achieve operational efficiencies within limited budgets, it’s now critical for distribution-focused organizations to deploy business management solutions capable of both meeting current challenges and creating the conditions for ongoing success. Download Your Copy Here

IWI Consulting is committed to helping firms realize long-term success through comprehensive deployment and integration of the Sage X3 solution. From improved operational outcomes to reduced budgetary pressures, Sage X3 software backed by IWI’s expertise can both increase overall ROI and drive enhanced total economic impact (TEI).

Ongoing Impact

Customer interviews revealed consistent benefits tied to Sage X3 deployment. Firms highlighted labor and time savings related to financial management, the standardization of purchase processing and enhanced customer service functionality, but agreed that the biggest benefit of Sage X3 implementation was flexibility — deployment was designed to complement current operations and enhance outcomes, in turn promoting both leaner and more agile organizations.

Essential Outcomes

Distribution firms highlighted key TEI outcomes, including:

  • Materials and productivity savings up to $75,000 annually
  • Reduce sales discounting to improve total revenue
  • Productivity benefits which saved agents four hours per week on average
  • Internal labor cost reduction equal to one FTE across three staff members over six months
  • Full payback within six months
  • ROI increase of 249%

Deployed at scale, the Sage X3 solution empowers distribution firms to reduce the cost of key processes, streamline critical operations and drive improved ROI over time — all while empowering functional flexibility.

“I'm a strategic IT project-change manager with over 25 years experience with full lifecycle IT projects for large and small clients. Financial systems design and integration with other billing systems is extremely time consuming requiring attention to detail and patience. I'm happy to have worked with IWI at a major pipe distributor in Canada's West. I've always found the staff at IWI solid performers who are eager to please. I would work with them again. I would even work for them!” - Dawn Fiander-McCann, Consultant

About Us: With more than 20 years’ experience as a Sage software consultant, IWI Consulting Group can help firms recognize reliable TEI benefits from cloud manufacturing software, food and beverage software and distribution software at scale.

Drive improved distribution ROI and enhanced TEI with Sage X3 implementation from IWI Consulting.


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