Redlands-Based Design & Marketing Agency Creates User-Friendly Event Websites for Businesses During Pandemic

Creative 7 Designs offers website support for businesses to present current and future events with ease to supporters and patrons alike

Redlands, California, UNITED STATES

Redlands, CA, Sept. 08, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- (via NGO WireCreative 7 Designs explains the importance of having an event-friendly website for businesses across America to continue to grow during the pandemic. The agency believes that a user-friendly event website will help drive the success of many businesses and, as a result, is urging businesses to invest in a good website to display events. 

A primary reason a user-friendly event website for businesses matters is because of the complexities involved in hosting an event. “We take pride in giving [...] custom website design packages and marketing plans,” says Joseph Kibler, CEO of Creative 7 Designs. Kibler finds that the “new norm” of social distancing and at-home lifestyles is forcing businesses to revamp their websites, services, and overall interactions. One of the most difficult aspects of hosting an event is actually getting people to respond. As such, an event host is required to keep track of all who will and will not be attending and expected to update the information accordingly. It makes sense, then, to automate that invitation process as much as possible by creating an event registration website. Thus, Kibler urges businesses to take advantage of the online community by having a user-friendly event website.

Displaying current and upcoming events on a website is no easy task. Things could get cluttered, overwhelming, or confusing on a website rather quickly, resulting in a low conversion rate. Each business, then, does well to consider their varying needs. Some basic features of any event registration website that should be included in any event-friendly website is as follows: a calendar that displays event dates; functionality that enables visitors to sign up, register, or make a reservation, or potentially purchase tickets; a way for users to receive updates and email confirmation regarding their sign-ups; database functionality, enabling a site to keep track of registrations.

Having a dedicated events site likewise allows businesses to lessen their load and focus on keeping their calendar up to date as the host. Users can then do the work, so to speak, as they sign up for the events they want to attend at their own convenience. 

With many people relying on the digital world for many things these days (including virtual events), one of the first places a person scopes for information is a business’s website. The agency further explains that the importance of having a user-friendly website means that businesses will use such services to have an updated and adjusted website that supports any device, whether it is a personal computer, mobile device, or some other device. C7D specializes in creating websites that are easy to navigate, read, and understand for businesses who want to stay afloat during this pandemic. 

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Our team of expert WordPress website designers can tackle any project no matter the size or complexity,” Kibler says. “[Our goal is to] create a stunning website for your company or organization.” In choosing the C7D agency to create a user-friendly event website, businesses are more competitive and achieve long-term development with or without a pandemic.

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