Velocity Technology Solutions Introduces New Suite of Managed Cloud Products

Charlotte, North Carolina, UNITED STATES

CHARLOTTE, N.C., Sept. 08, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Global Cloud Managed Service Provider, Velocity Technology Solutions, is poised to launch three new cloud products this fiscal quarter: Cloud Managed Infrastructure, Cloud Managed Database, and Cloud Disaster Recovery. These products will empower Velocity customers to maximize their investment in migrating core business applications to the public cloud.

“While the cloud is accelerating digitization journeys for mid-market businesses, many are struggling to achieve the stability, security, and reliability they need from their application infrastructure in the cloud, which they may have been accustomed to in a private or legacy environment,” said Fouad Matar, the Executive Vice President of Cloud Services & Chief Technology Officer of Velocity Technology Solutions. “Velocity's new cloud products take that burden off our customers and allow them to redirect their precious resources to help them transform their business.”

For the past 20 years, customers have trusted Velocity as their primary advisor for all things cloud. Cloud Managed Infrastructure, Cloud Managed Database, and Cloud Disaster Recovery build on that relationship, helping customers optimize efficiencies, reduce costs, and improve resiliency in the public cloud. This product launch is a testament to Velocity’s deep-rooted growth mindset and agility in proactively meeting evolving market needs and demands.

“At Velocity, our role as a strategic partner is rooted in a passion for our customers’ success. Our solutions help our customers thrive by empowering them to access the cloud, while improving their returns from their IT applications, reducing costs, and increasing security and resilience,” said Steve Kloeblen, the CEO of Velocity Technology Solutions. “Over the last three years, we have migrated and are now managing more than 100 of our customers on a public cloud platform. Today, our customers are already enjoying the benefits of these new cloud products, and we are excited to formally add them to our menu of offerings.”

Velocity’s three new cloud products include:

Cloud Managed Infrastructure: A managed service for compute and storage. Cloud Managed Infrastructure enables businesses to build, test, deploy, and manage their enterprise applications and workloads in a cloud environment that is more secure and cost-efficient than operating on-premise.

Cloud Managed Database: The automation of database management in the cloud. Cloud Managed Database makes it easier for IT teams to refocus their efforts on business-critical initiatives.

Cloud Disaster Recovery: A flexible, fully-managed disaster recovery service in the public cloud. Cloud Disaster Recovery helps businesses recover their data and systems in a matter of hours—with lower costs and higher reliability than traditional disaster recovery strategies.

Headquartered in North America, Velocity Technology Solutions has over 20 years of experience migrating, managing, and modernizing mission-critical enterprise applications in the cloud. Velocity's mission is to enable mid-market companies to do what they do best by maximizing the value of their Applications and Cloud Platforms. Our purpose is to give our customers the freedom to innovate, modernize, and move to the future. For more information, visit:


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