More than One Quarter of all U.S. States to Provide Mail-In Ballot Tracking, Giving Voters Confidence Their Vote is Tabulated in Upcoming 2020 Presidential Election

Hundreds of counties across 14 states using BallotTrax to provide Amazon-esque tracking solution to election ballots with added transparent text, email and voice alerts, curbing election fraud and easing minds of voters


DENVER, Sept. 10, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- BallotTrax, the world’s first complete mail ballot locator and notification system, today announced that it will be used to track ballots in hundreds of counties across more than one quarter of U.S. states, including a mix of Republican and Democratic states, for the upcoming 2020 presidential election. In addition, the company is in talks with several other states and hundreds of additional counties nationwide to offer its innovative ballot tracking solution. Ballot tracking is an important component of today’s digital world, giving voters peace of mind that their vote counts and curbing election fraud.

“With the Coronavirus pandemic accelerating the conversation around mail-in ballots and election fraud, it is paramount that voters in cities and states nationwide are able to track the status of their ballots, ensuring that their vote counts,” said Steve Olsen, CEO of BallotTrax. “Voters using BallotTrax get a tracking service similar to Amazon’s package tracking, allowing voters to sign up for text, email and phone notifications alerting them to the status of their ballot, from when it is printed, sent, delivered and, most importantly, officially tabulated. No longer do voters have to wonder if their mail-in ballot was actually counted.”

With a myriad of issues and questions surrounding the United States Postal Service leading up to the upcoming election, many voters are turning to election drop boxes, but even drop boxes raise the question around whether your vote was actually tabulated. Regardless if voters vote by mail or ballot drop box, using BallotTrax, voters will be notified at every step of the process and when it is officially tabulated.

In addition to ballot tracking, BallotTrax can also notify voters when there are issues with the ballot in some states. No more ‘hanging chads,’ voters will be able to “cure” their ballots in a timely manner so that it counts and isn’t just tossed to the side. Whether there is confusion around a specific vote, or a signature doesn’t match the one on file, BallotTrax can notify voters about the issue along with potential resolutions ensuring the ballot can be cured in time for the election deadline. Some states notify voters with rejected ballot status' directly and this feature is not deployed.

BallotTrax is not new, having been around since 2009, and is a well-tested technology. The platform has gone through various improvements since its founding and has run over 300 elections, tracked over 60 million ballots, processed over 10 billion records, successfully sent over 100 million alerts and over 6 million messages, and signed up over 1.3 million voters. BallotTrax users have a 66 percent voter turnout rate, compared to 42 percent on average, with a difference of at least 20 percent higher than average.

BallotTrax is working with counties in Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Michigan, Nevada, North Carolina, Kansas, Ohio, Oregon, Tennessee and Washington, with additional counties and states showing interest. Most will be using the tracking tool for the upcoming 2020 presidential election.

About BallotTrax
BallotTrax is the country’s first and only complete mail-in ballot locator and notification system, providing tracking, reporting, update and multi-language communication options every step of the way for any election. BallotTrax brings voter confidence back to the democratic process with a proprietary, patent-pending solution proven effective over ten years of extensive testing and elections in multiple counties. 

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