ACME AtronOmatic, LLC, Creators of MyRadar App, Acquires EndpointAI

Orlando, Florida

ORLANDO, Fla., Sept. 10, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- ACME AtronOmatic, LLC, the makers of the popular MyRadar weather app, announced today that it has acquired EndpointAI Inc., a weather technologies company, specializing in enhanced forecasting for surface transportation.

Endpoint, the brainchild of two applied meteorology experts hailing from the National Center for Atmospheric Research, showcases unique, machine-learning enhanced road condition and road risk forecasts with cutting-edge ground-truth validation.

ACME will leverage the technology and capabilities from Endpoint and integrate road condition forecasts into the MyRadar app for both consumer and commercial use, allowing users to obtain route-based weather for long-haul travel.  Endpoint’s algorithms will be further enhanced by integration with MyRadar's patent-pending, industry-leading nowcasting service which provides hyper-local rain and precipitation forecasts with down-to-the-minute accuracy.

Additionally, Endpoint’s technology will be integrated into the MyRadar programmable API, allowing developers and industrial customers the ability to access road weather conditions for their own custom applications, including logistics, transportation and autonomous driving solutions.

"Endpoint has exhibited some best-in-class route weather analysis technology, and their road condition forecasts are a natural match for MyRadar's ecosystem," said Andy Green, ACME CEO.  "We are incredibly excited to have the Endpoint team on board with us as we continue to grow and expand their system.”  With regard to the future, he continued: “With the proliferation of autonomous vehicles on the horizon, there are incredible opportunities for innovation in this segment of weather forecasting, and we’re incredibly energized to dive in head-first as a leader in the space.  We look forward to trailblazing with future applications and services."

“The meshing of our technology with the robust capabilities available in MyRadar gives us the opportunity to rapidly expand and reach millions of customers,” explained Mike Chapman, Co-Founder of Endpoint. “The team at MyRadar is so talented and truly sees the value in what we have built over this past year. The timing could not have been better.”

The company plans to introduce its first consumer-facing products based on Endpoint’s technology later this year.

About MyRadar: MyRadar is a free weather and environmental information app for iOS, Android, Windows and Xbox.  First launched on the app store in 2008, the app has been downloaded over 45 million times, and has over 13 million monthly active users.  MyRadar has been keeping the world informed of severe weather, tropical storms, earthquakes, wildfires and more for over 10 years.  ACME AtronOmatic, LLC, the makers of MyRadar, has development offices in Portland, Oregon, and in Orlando, Florida.  The app is available on the iOS App Store, Google Play, and the Windows Store.  MyRadar is available online at,,, and


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