Genetic Technologies Announces US Sales Have Commenced via Online Health Platform


MELBOURNE, Australia, Sept. 11, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Molecular diagnostics company Genetic Technologies Ltd (ASX: GTG; NASDAQ: GENE, “Company”) is delighted to announce that initial sales of its GeneType for Breast Cancer Risk Assessment have now commenced in the United States via an online health platform, elicity by InTeleLabs, an independent telehealth and personalised medicine company. This portal is secure, Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)-compliant.

The secure, Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)-compliant health platform enables women meeting the required criteria in the United States to purchase the test and receive results via telehealth clinicians. Its national network of clinical oversight for lab testing has made this groundbreaking Breast Cancer Risk Assessment Test very accessible, with the data-driven results enabling more women to discuss personalised preventative healthcare protocols with their physicians.

GeneType for Breast Cancer is a disease risk prediction test that provides results that inform individuals if they are at low-, average- or high-risk of developing breast cancer. The test uses a patented combination of clinical risk factors and Polygenic Risk Score (PRS) to provide an estimate of the five-year and remaining lifetime risk of developing breast cancer.

The test will be available in every State throughout the US, as the Company has CLIA certification for the sale and processing for all its lab-derived tests. GeneType for Breast Cancer will sell for US$249 and include the telemedicine consultations through InTeleLabs.

Most tests currently available on the market are for women who have a family history of breast cancer, however 85 per cent of women have no family history of breast cancer, according to the American Society of Clinical Oncology. Further to this, 10 per cent have a family history but no pathogenic variants, such as BRCA [Cancer.Net, July 2020].

“The Company’s GeneType for Breast Cancer is uniquely positioned to provide risk assessment to the general population—not just for women at hereditary risk. Our goal was always to give individuals unprecedented access to their own genetic data to understand their health risks and take a more proactive approach to prevention,” said Genetic Technologies CEO Dr George Muchnicki. “GeneType for Breast Cancer outperforms current standard risk assessment tools, giving clinicians and patients a better way to identify at-risk women for additional breast cancer screening and prevention options. Making this test available via telehealth clinicians gives individuals interested in risk assessment another avenue for access.”

Once a woman is qualified by an independent telehealth clinician, a buccal swab kit (cheek swab) is sent directly to her home. After her results are in, telehealth clinicians provide post-test consultations to deliver the breast cancer risk assessment results and provide additional support for those who require referrals for appropriate downstream care. Women interested in purchasing GeneType for Breast Cancer may do so through or

“COVID-19 has deterred many women from seeking out standard check-ups, with mammography screening down since March,” said Dr Muchnicki. “While we suggest all women maintain their routine mammogram appointments, women who are still not comfortable scheduling their appointment, or clinics with an extremely long waitlist as they ramp back up, risk assessment can be a valuable tool to identify women who are at increased risk of breast cancer. GeneType for Breast Cancer should never be used as a mammogram-replacement, only as an additional tool to help individuals build a more comprehensive understanding of their own risk of developing the disease.”

In addition to GeneType for Breast Cancer, GeneType for Colorectal Cancer will also be available through the third-party online platform as well as a pipeline of tests to follow.

Genetic Technologies plans on launching its own online, telehealth-supported system to deliver its GeneType products to Australians.

The Company intends to make its COVID-19 Severity Risk Test available through both online platforms, once complete.

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About Genetic Technologies Limited

Genetic Technologies Limited (ASX: GTG; Nasdaq: GENE) is a diversified molecular diagnostics company. GTG offers cancer predictive testing and assessment tools to help physicians proactively manage patient health. The Company’s lead products GeneType for Breast Cancer for non-hereditary breast cancer and GeneType for Colorectal Cancer are clinically validated risk assessment tests and are first in class.

Genetic Technologies has capacity for Covid-19 testing and is developing a pipeline of risk assessment products.

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