Monarch Private Capital Launches New Website for Monarch Film Credits Division


ATLANTA, Sept. 11, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Monarch Private Capital, a nationally recognized tax-advantaged investment firm that develops, finances, and manages a diversified portfolio of projects that generate both federal and state tax credits, is pleased to announce the launch of a new website for its film & entertainment division, Monarch Film Credits, located at

Monarch Film Credits is one of the nation’s largest tax credit placement specialists and the market leader for placing Georgia film tax credits. Working primarily with major studios and larger independent production companies, Monarch Film Credits assists with all transferable state film tax credits, including California, Connecticut, Georgia, Illinois, Massachusetts, Montana, Nevada, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Rhode Island.

The division has brokered more than $800 million in film tax credits since Monarch began working with these types of programs in 2006. Because of the rapid growth of Monarch’s film division and the industry’s unique and ever-changing tax credit laws and practices, Monarch Film Credits was given its own website to address the full scope of the film tax credit programs in which the company operates.

“We created a new website for our growing film tax credit division because we wanted to share our knowledge and expertise for those taxpayers interested in buying transferable state film tax credits,” said Marco Cordova, Director of Film Finance and West Coast Tax Credit Investments for Monarch Private Capital. “We also wanted to provide a better platform to promote our production tax credit offerings and help our major studio and independent production clients to sell their credits as soon as possible.”

The new easy-to-navigate and user-friendly website allows for a streamlined, best in class customer service experience for everyone. Whether a studio or production company looking to place film tax credits, or a Fortune 500 company, private company, or a high-net-worth taxpayer hoping to use film tax credits to offset their state tax liabilities at a discounted price, the new website offers valuable information for buying and selling transferable state film tax credits.

Monarch Film Credits’ new website features an interactive map that supplies users with a summary of various state tax credit programs. Taxpayers interested in buying tax credits at a discount can easily assess a state’s film tax credit benefits. Also included on the site are industry-related perspectives and insights from our well-versed tax credit experts, keeping up-to-date analyses of the latest developments in film tax credit programs across the United States.

Lastly, the website provides taxpayers a one-stop shop user experience if they are interested in both transferable film tax credits and other state tax credits that Monarch Private Capital offers. The website also provides information related to Monarch’s other state tax credit offerings, including renewable energy, affordable housing, and historic preservation tax credits. The clean design and interactive tools make it quick and easy for taxpayers to find an answer to most film tax credit questions when looking to purchase tax credits, and the skilled and experienced team at Monarch Film Credits is just a simple click away to assist with the transaction process for every client.

About Monarch Private Capital

Monarch Private Capital manages ESG funds that positively impact communities by creating clean power, jobs, and homes. The funds provide predictable returns through the generation of federal and state tax credits. The Company offers innovative tax credit equity investments for affordable housing, historic rehabilitations, renewable energy, film, and other qualified projects. Monarch Private Capital has long-term relationships with institutional and individual investors, developers, and lenders that participate in these types of federal and state programs. Headquartered in Atlanta, Monarch has offices and tax credit professionals located throughout the U.S.



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