Bond Street Manufacturing LLC Announces Notice of Patent Allowance for its Tobacco Wax Heat Not Burn Device

Nashville, Tennessee, UNITED STATES

Williamson County, TN, Sept. 14, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) --

Bond Street Manufacturing LLC (Bond Street), an affiliate of Fuisz LLC, has announced a notice of allowance from the US Patent Office (US 16/159,016) relating to its tobacco wax heat not burn devices.   This device patent allowance follows Bond Street’s announcement earlier this year of compositional claims that have issued as US 10,709,165.

Bond Street Managing Member and inventor, Joseph Fuisz, explained:

“Today’s announcement of a patent allowance marks this year’s second significant milestone in an ambitious patent strategy to assert intellectual property dominance over an entire class of heat-not-burn products, viz, tobacco wax compositions and devices for their use.   We believe these products represent heat-not-burn 2.0 technology, as compared with the 1.0 heatstick approach.”

“The genesis of this re-envisioning of the heat-not-burn format was based on our experience in film casting, and vapor products.”

“Through this prism, we perceived inherent difficulties and inefficiencies in the vaporization of a dried tobacco-substrate contained in a heatstick.”

“The bases for these difficulties include: the tension in drying a substrate only to later vaporize components out of a solid matrix; the substantial heating needs requiring warm-up phase; and gross tax inefficiencies wherein most taxable tobacco weight is unvaporizable material that thrown away and not used by the consumer.”

“In contrast, Bond Street’s Tobacco Wax compositions do not suffer from these challenges.   Our Tobacco Wax compositions have an inherently desirable taste profile even before the addition of top flavor, with flavor rich enough to only appeal to an adult smoker.  The flavor profiles are suitable in various permutations for adult cigarette, pipe and cigar users.”

“Bond Street’s Tobacco Wax compositions are delivered in an easy to use, patented cartridge with on-off functionality (i.e. no warm up, or instantaneous use).  In our heat-not-burn universe, no cleaning is required.”

“Lower aerosolization temperatures help to drive superior (i.e. lower) toxicant levels in aerosol testing.   Bond Street’s compositions compare favorably with the heat-not-burn industry benchmark and sales leader, the IQOS® heatstick.   Sample comparative data was provided in our press release of earlier this year.”

“As a tobacco product, Bond Street’s Tobacco Wax compositions are not subject to the 2% nicotine cap of the European Union’s Tobacco Product Directive.   Thus, Bond Street’s products can provide a competitive nicotine delivery appealing to adult smokers, akin to other products in the heat-not-burn category and unlike conventional European vapor products.”

“Bond Street looks forward to additional patent allowances and the further development of its heat-not-burn platform.”

Bond Street Manufacturing LLC is based in Williamson County, TN, and is an affiliate of Fuisz LLC (




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