Palmer Administrative Service Reviews Are Among The Industry's Best


Ocean, New Jersey, Sept. 15, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Online reviews are frequently one of the first things that pop up when you search for business online, meaning that they have an important impact on a potential consumer's view of the company. Favorable reviews can actively drum up business for an enterprise, while negative reviews can permanently scar a business's public perception even if they are unfounded. 

Palmer Administrative Services has been in business for over 30 years, and many customers have shared their experiences with the auto warranty company. These Palmer Administrative Services reviews indicate that the company's honest business practices and exceptional customer service have inspired strong brand loyalty, keeping existing customers while expanding their services to even more Americans. 

Favorable Palmer Administration reviews cover a variety of topics. For example, some customers take the time to note how easy it is to file a claim for a covered automotive component, as Palmer compensates mechanic shops directly instead of asking their customers to lay out the money and wait for reimbursement later. Others note what a pleasure it is to communicate with Palmer's representatives either by phone or online at Unfortunately, both of these traits can be tough to find in the auto warranty space. 

Customers also appreciate the choice that Palmer provides. Different vehicles have different needs, and Palmer offers a variety of plans designed to suit them. For instance, the company's Elite Exclusionary Plan covers virtually everything that could break on an automobile, making it ideal for drivers of newer vehicles with a host of electronic gadgets and features. If you drive an older car that doesn't have the same features, you can opt for a basic plan instead and save money on your monthly premium. The freedom to pay for only what you need seems so basic and yet reviewers say that Palmer is one of the few providers that offer it. 

Palmer offers multiple financing plans, and customers rave about what this flexibility does for their budget. Palmer plans are also affordable, and many customers love the idea of purchasing A-rated insurance for a fraction of what they would pay elsewhere. 

Furthermore, all Palmer plans include valuable extras that customers generally don't think of until they need them. If you break down while you're out of town, Palmer will provide a stipend to help cover food and lodging while you wait for your car to be fixed. Alternatively, you can rent a car on Palmer's dime and continue your trip as if nothing happened. There are a lot of Palmer Administrative Services reviews that center on these welcome surprises. 

Palmer Administrative doesn't believe in limiting how often a customer can make a claim while a contract is valid, so customers feel comfortable making smaller claims as well. If you locked yourself out of your vehicle, Palmer will pay a locksmith to get you back into it. Roadside Assistance services such as towing and emergency fuel are also available.

If you're thinking about selling your vehicle, Palmer can help you there too. All Palmer contracts are valid across the United States and Canada, so your car's new owner can benefit from the warranty you purchase just as much as you did. In fact, many Palmer Administrative Services reviews are written by customers who inherited a Palmer warranty with a used vehicle they purchased. 

In conclusion, online reviews can be a good way to get a feel for what customers think of a company, and Palmer Administration is beloved by many of its current customers. If your car's warranty is about to expire or you would like to supplement it with extra coverage, contact Palmer today at (800) 599-9557 or by email at for more information!


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