VRTCAL Releases 2.0 SDKs With Support for VAST and Rewarded Video

SANTA BARBARA, Calif., Sept. 15, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- VRTCAL, a leading mobile SSP focused on Demand-Path Optimization (DPO) for mobile app developers, today announced the release of its latest SDKs for Android and iOS mobile devices that includes support for VAST and rewarded video, providing app developers with a more efficient software development kit that combines display and video advertising revenue sources and mediation.

eMarketer recently reported that as a result of the current climate, mobile video app usage will increase by 10 minutes per day. VRTCAL’s advanced architecture equips app developers with higher efficiencies and increased revenue from their ad stack, for their video ad inventory to service advertisers' needs to continue to reach consumers where they spend the most time.

Mobile app developers are increasingly seeking efficient means to increase revenue and the value of their inventory. The 2.0 SDKs add VAST and rewarded video capabilities to the VRTCAL platform that includes the VRTCAL marketplace, mediation and SaaS offerings. In addition, the new SDKs features audio controls for video ads, AdMob adapters, TCF 2.0 compliance as well as device data for user validation and engagement measurements. The company is building a total platform for mobile app developers to monetize their properties, and VAST and rewarded video are an important step in that direction.

“We are excited to offer app developers the ability to further simplify their ad stack,” said Founder and President of VRTCAL, Todd Wooten. “VAST and rewarded video are two critical components of our ecosystem. VRTCAL’s SSP and SaaS platforms are being designed to encompass all types of mobile app advertising, moving app developers toward an efficient Demand-Path Optimization model.”

To learn more, please visit https://vrtcal.com/.

About VRTCAL Markets, Inc. (“VRTCAL”)
VRTCAL is the only open SSP and SaaS company focused on Demand-Path Optimization, reducing the vertical distance between mobile publishers and advertisers, and developing technologies that make a difference. The VRTCAL platform is a proprietary architecture that offers SDKs, oRTB, multiple mediation types, innovative technologies to increase publisher inventory value, and a MarketPlace with premium brands and advertisers. VRTCAL has offices in Santa Barbara and Los Angeles.

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