Western Sierra Resource Corp Acquires 100% of Mystere Power Group (MPG) Which Has Patented and Owns / Controls Myriad Conservation Technologies


Edmond, Oklahoma, UNITED STATES

STEAMBOAT SPRINGS, Colo., Sept. 15, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Western Sierra Resource Corp (OTC: WSRC) (“WSRC” or the “Company”) has acquired a 100% ownership interest in Mystere Power Group, LLC (“MPG”) for a combination of cash and stock.  This ownership includes a range of technologies that MPG has patented, owns, and/or controls. Among its many resource conservation innovations, MPG’s Air Water Generation (AWG) program is a breakthrough technology that combines large scale, cost effective, and off-grid, solar assisted features for versatile mobile OR fixed-use infrastructure to supply potable water to the 1 in 10 people globally that lack adequate drinking water—and at a scale that also provides ample water for food production and basic community sanitation and hygiene.       

MPG’s Breakthrough: MPG brings three new technology and process elements to its advanced Air Water Generation (AWG) program. The system will collectively increase productivity by some 400% to 4-gallons/kWh. MPG’s focus is the development of strategically located, fixed infrastructure systems. When fully amortized, this system rivals reverse osmosis cost per gallon BUT without the brine discharge pollution problem.

Scale: As such, the scale of the MPG systems will range from 500-gpd village systems (the solar hybrid model) on up to 100,000 gpd large infrastructure modules. All off-grid systems will use green, renewable energy mixes that now includes hydrogen fuel-cell power, as costs here are rapidly declining. The per gallon, fully amortized cost will be in the 3-cents/gallon range.

MPG’s Hybrid Solar System: MPG has engineered a solar assisted, MPG based water reclamation system. Designed originally for a regional (New Mexico) project, this hybrid has application across many global regions with contaminated aquifers AND contaminated surface water bodies (rivers, estuaries, and lakes). The caveat is the siting of these plants in “adequate” regional solar areas. Fortunately, many of these opportunities reside in such climatic zones.

This hybrid system integrates solar assisted evaporation, a tower-tent system inspired by the Australian “solar tower”. Instead of inducing a vertical air flow, the “tent” will cover evaporation pans covered with a batched flow of brackish or contaminated water. The vapor has a relatively high dew point but will still operate optimally with MPG’s condenser package for final processing.

“Mystere’s Air Water Generation (AWG) process produces pure water at a fully amortized cost of under 3-cents/gallon. Infrastructure-sized modules in the 100,000 gpd range are slated for installation in water stressed regions in U.S. and coastal zones of the middle-east, Australia and the northern Mediterranean.” –Kenneth Pearson, Founder of MPG and Director for WSRC’S Conservation Technologies Division.

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