NewBlue Levels the Broadcast Playing Field – from Post-Production to Livestreaming

Giving a Voice to a Whole New Class of Content Creators

San Diego, California, UNITED STATES

SAN DIEGO, Sept. 15, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- If a picture is worth 1,000 words, a video – which contains up to 60 images per second – is worth infinitely more, making it a powerful tool that connects people. From online content to social media, blogs, webinars and more, video is the critical ingredient in a content mix that truly resonates.

However, successful, visually communicative broadcasts have historically been out of reach for those without deep pockets and deep expertise. By delivering the ability to communicate free from financial or technical constraints, NewBlue® is leveling the broadcast playing field – and opening new doors for everyone from filmmakers and video editors to broadcast professionals and individual streamers.

Technology as the Great Equalizer
Almost a million minutes of video per second crosses the internet, and the medium continues to climb in popularity – in no small part due to the global pandemic. In the absence of in-person meetings, events and gatherings, the immediacy of livestreaming – a hugely engaging method of delivering a message and making connections – has become critical.

NewBlue is rooted in technological innovations and a passion for all things creative – including film, music and the visual arts. The company has been providing dynamic, data-driven graphics, effects, transitions and titling solutions to the video post-production, live broadcasting and streaming markets for more than a decade. By offering plug-ins that fill essential gaps for OEM partners and industry heavyweights, NewBlue has built a reputation as an integral technology partner and clever innovator. Over 30 years of software development experience and more than 10 video technology patents are being brought to bear as NewBlue expands its focus to directly support more content creators – and put effective, engaging broadcasts within the reach of anyone needing to harness the power of video.

The New Content Creators
Yoga instructors. Teachers. Ministers. In the age of social distancing, people with no prior experience in livestreaming are being called upon to become visual content creators: day-to-day curriculum, sermons, classes and more must now become videocasts. With people of all skillsets and financial means now having to produce video content, NewBlue is stepping in to redefine what it means to be a visual storyteller.

“The ability to communicate effectively when interpersonal, direct interaction isn’t possible, has never been more important,” noted Todor Fay, CEO for NewBlue. “For years, we’ve given creative professionals the tools to tell their stories, allowing them to truly convey exactly what they need to say while keeping viewers engaged. This is something that we do better than anyone else – and we’re now bringing it to a new class of content creators that may not be as technically savvy or experienced in live video production.”

The Future of Video Content
In a move that further blurs the line between professional and amateur storytellers, NewBlue is preparing to broadly launch its first standalone solution. Currently in soft launch, NewBlue Stream is a tool for visual storytelling that gives content creators of all types a powerful, easy-to-use solution for amplifying their messages with live video. Additionally, NewBlue will soon release what it calls its Live-to-Post workflow, a feature allowing complete control over graphics in a post editor that were recorded earlier in a live video broadcast – something that has never been possible before.
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About NewBlue
Founded in 2006, NewBlue Inc. is a rapidly growing and respected digital video technology company. Located in San Diego, California, NewBlue has been providing impactful, affordable tools to creative professionals for more than a decade. NewBlue partners with industry leaders such as Adobe, AVID, Grass Valley, Magix, Telestream and more to provide seamless end-to-end experiences. From filmmakers and video editors to broadcast professionals and individual streamers, NewBlue solutions are leveling the broadcast playing field – whether post-production or livestreaming. For more information about NewBlue, visit, follow the company on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter, and subscribe on YouTube.

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