Digital Agency Offers Cost-Effective Solutions for Nonprofit Organizations During Pandemic

Redlands-based digital marketing agency, Creative 7 Designs, aims to decrease nonprofit overhead expenses by offering cost-effective solutions

Redlands, California, UNITED STATES

Redlands, CA, Sept. 15, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- (via NGO Wire) The search for cost-effective solutions for nonprofit organizations is even more prevalent now as the pandemic continues to cause financial distress across the country.   Companies such as Creative 7 Designs specialize in WordPress website design along with a wide range of marketing services for companies and organizations. Like the latter, nonprofit organizations are eager to find affordable solutions to maintain their traffic, and C7D is dedicating skills, resources, and time to helping NPOs do so while saving them money and increasing their workflow and productivity.

Businesses experience overhead expenses such as accounting fees, advertising, insurance, interest, legal fees, labor burden, rent, repairs, supplies, taxes, telephone bills, travel expenditures, and utilities, and nonprofits are no expectation. NPOs likewise accrue such expenses, resulting in what might be viewed as an inevitable financial weight. C7D’s aim is to provide nonprofits with affordable solutions to attract more interest during these times.

Statistically, WordPress makes up “over 25 percent of all websites found online,” says Joseph Kibler, CEO of Creative 7 Designs. The C7D agency utilizes current technology tools and WordPress services to minimize the dollar-amount of ongoing expenses nonprofits accrue throughout the year. More specifically, WordPress is beneficial for saving costs because it “stays current and up to date with new technology and website features [... and] also allows you to manage your own site as needed,” Kibler continues.

By allowing nonprofits to explore subscription-based services such as that offered by C7D, NPOs are now able to inquire about less expensive plans or save money by paying for the subscriptions annually instead of monthly.

In this case, cost-effective solutions for nonprofit organizations are also influenced by location. Creative 7 Designs is a digital marketing agency located in Redlands, so businesses working with C7D also benefit if their organization is located in Redlands because they can tap into a network of suppliers doing business in the area thus resulting in reduced or eliminated shipping costs and potential waiting time (if applicable).

Creative 7 Designs is helping non-profit organizations save even more money with a 20 percent discount on their services. Non-profit organizations can redeem the discount by using the coupon code: NONPROFIT2020.

In efforts to further emphasize the convenience of online donations, nonprofits can use C7D website design services to integrate an online donation button for convenience or update their existing portal. In this way, nonprofits won’t have to send out expensive printed materials to request funds or acknowledge appreciation for those who have already donated.

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