Instaclustr Expands Fully Managed Open Source Data Solutions with Instaclustr for Redis™*

The addition of Instaclustr-managed Redis provides enterprises with the most efficient, scalable, cost-effective, and reliable way to leverage the in-memory data store

Redwood City,

REDWOOD CITY, Calif., Sept. 16, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Instaclustr, delivering reliability at scale through fully managed open source data technologies, today announced the general availability of Instaclustr for Redis. This newest addition to the Instaclustr Managed Platform enables low latency in-memory caching, messaging, and stream processing. Redis joins Apache Kafka, Apache Kafka Connect, Apache Cassandra, and Elasticsearch as another fast, proven, resilient, and highly flexible open source data technology, expertly managed and supported by Instaclustr.

Redis—the leading in-memory database—facilitates extremely low latency in-memory applications across a broad set of use cases to drive revenue, engagement, and productivity. By offering a series of flexible and easy-to-use data structures, Redis enables highly responsive applications and caching that can be deployed at different positions inside a given architecture.

Instaclustr now offers Redis as a fully managed service, as the data store often requires significant operational proficiency to be efficiently deployed and optimized at scale. Instaclustr for Redis delivers a fully managed solution enabling customers to rapidly build in-memory, low latency solutions. Backed by Instaclustr’s hands-on management, businesses can focus internal resources on more efficiently building and shipping their applications while Instaclustr handles the complexities of Redis cluster management, scaling, security, and deployment. Redis joins the other data-layer technologies which Instaclustr delivers in their pure open source form, giving Instaclustr customers an advantageous and economical alternative to “open core” solutions that increase license costs and promote vendor lock-in.

“Redis is particularly powerful open source technology, the leading in-memory solution in the industry, and complementary to the data-layer solutions we’re delivering as managed services to our broad customer base,” said Ben Slater, Chief Product Officer, Instaclustr. “Adding Redis to our list of managed technologies is something our customers have been asking for, as it’s often used alongside Apache Cassandra, Apache Kafka or Elasticsearch and our customers wanted a Redis managed service meeting the same high standards we set with those technologies. We’re excited to now launch our Instaclustr for Redis solution as the newest addition to the Instaclustr Managed Platform, and look forward to helping new and existing customers leverage its low latency capabilities, reliability, and scalability.”

Instaclustr for Redis delivers everything enterprises need to take full advantage of an in-memory database:

  • Automated provisioning and deployment: Instaclustr provides automated Redis provisioning through the Instaclustr Management Console, REST APIs, or the Instaclustr Terraform provider.
  • Run in your provider account or ours: Instaclustr for Redis is supported on AWS, Azure, and GCP. Customers can run it in Instaclustr’s cloud provider account with a fixed infrastructure-inclusive cost, or use their own cloud provider account and pay a management fee per node.
  • Availability SLAs: Instaclustr offers a 99.99% availability SLA when using an Instaclustr-managed Redis cluster.
  • Monitoring and alerting: Customers can access key metrics through Instaclustr’s Management Console and REST APIs, and can also retrieve monitoring metrics in a format compatible with the Prometheus monitoring system. Instaclustr has built synthetic transaction monitoring so we can ensure your cluster is actually working, not just reporting as “UP”. Alerting is in place to enable Instaclustr’s team to proactively identify any irregularities.
  • Security: Instaclustr for Redis is SOC 2 certified, featuring a client-to-cluster secured connection via TLS, node-to-node encryption, firewall configuration, and other enterprise-level security features.
  • 24x7 expert support: Instaclustr customers have 24x7 access to technical support, with extensive expertise managing large-scale distributed systems.

To begin a free trial of Instaclustr for Redis, visit our console, or contact the Instaclustr Sales or Customer Success teams.

About Instaclustr

Instaclustr delivers reliability at scale through our integrated data platform of open source technologies such as Apache Cassandra®, Apache Kafka®, Apache Spark™, Redis™ and Elasticsearch™. We enable companies to focus internal development and operational resources on building cutting edge customer-facing applications. Instaclustr now has more than 70 million node hours and 7 PB of data under management across its open source technology suite.

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