Children’s hospital reports are getting to their family doctors faster thanks to Health Report Manager

Toronto, Ontario, CANADA

TORONTO, Sept. 17, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- OntarioMD’s award-winning digital health service, Health Report Manager (HRM) is now delivering reports from The Hospital for Sick Children (SickKids) to family doctors, specialists and nurse practitioners. SickKids is the latest hospital added to HRM’s ever expanding list of health care facilities that deliver clinical reports and notifications to community-based physicians and nurse practitioners digitally. The ability to communicate and share patient information between facilities and community-based physicians can facilitate the transition and coordination of patient care between these care settings. A smooth transition of patient care can avoid complications and hospital readmissions and may reduce patient anxiety about continuity of care.

“SickKids is pleased to be able to share reports with community-based family doctors and specialists through OntarioMD’s HRM. This process aligns with our mission to improve the health of children through the integration of care,” said Dr. Sarah Muttit, Vice President & Chief Information Officer Executive at SickKids.

“OntarioMD wants to ensure that the reports for some of the province’s youngest patients are delivered in real time to family physicians, specialists and nurse practitioners,” said Sarah Hutchison, CEO, OntarioMD, the company that developed and manages HRM. “Having smoother, online visibility into the treatment children receive while in hospital is an important digital health achievement for clinicians and patients in Ontario.”

To date, HRM has delivered over 80 million reports to more than 11,000 physicians and nurse practitioners from more than 500 hospital and specialty clinic sites across Ontario. Delivering reports electronically instead of faxing or mailing paper reports, along with clinicians receiving reports straight into their electronic medical records (EMRs) has provided the Ontario health care system with an annual cost avoidance of $40 million a year. This cost avoidance increases every month as more clinicians and sending sites use HRM to share patient data. Thanks to the partnership between OntarioMD and Ontario Health, HRM has been able to contribute to the integration of the health system by eliminating barriers to information flow between hospitals and clinicians.

HRM’s value to the health care system has been recognized in Ontario’s Digital Health Playbook. Ontario Health Teams (OHTs) taking shape across the province are implementing HRM so the clinicians in each OHT can leverage this enabling technology.

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OntarioMD’s dedication to providing value to the Ontario health system through products like HRM has been recognized with multiple awards for excellence, leadership and innovation in digital health. HRM, and OntarioMD’s other products and services, are supported by staff located across Ontario who have extensive knowledge of clinician practices, and the expertise to accelerate digital health in Ontario Health Teams. It is this combination of quality products and support that have made OntarioMD a successful advisor to more than 20,000 Ontario clinicians and a successful delivery partner to organizations that need to deploy their products to physicians and nurse practitioners in all parts of the province. Please visit for more information on HRM and other OntarioMD digital health services. To sign up for an OntarioMD product or service, or to become an HRM sending site, please contact

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