Dr. Joanne Langley to serve as new senior medical advisor for Meningitis Research Foundation of Canada

WATERLOO, Ontario, Sept. 18, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The Meningitis Research Foundation of Canada extends a warm welcome to its new senior medical advisor, Dr. Joanne Langley.

Dr. Langley, a pediatric infectious disease physician in the Department of Pediatrics at Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia, succeeds long-time MRFC senior medical advisor Dr. Ron Gold, who has served as MRFC senior medical advisor since its inception in 1998 and recently announced his retirement.

“We are excited and honored to have Dr. Langley join us as our new senior medical advisor and look forward to working with her in our ongoing efforts to promote meningitis awareness and prevention and help support victims and their families. We would especially like to thank Dr. Gold for his invaluable medical expertise, dedication and 22 years of service to our mission and wish him all the best in his well-deserved retirement,” said MRFC secretary, Michael Redfearn.

Meningitis is a potentially deadly inflammation of the brain and spinal cord, which can be the result of infection by bacteria, viruses, and fungi. Bacterial meningitis is the most severe type and is a medical emergency. It can strike quickly, be difficult to diagnose, and can lead to death in a matter of hours. Even with prompt diagnosis and treatment, approximately 10% of patients die and up to 20% or more sustain permanent damage and disability. There are effective vaccines now available to protect against many of the bacteria that cause meningitis and septicemia. 

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SOURCE: Meningitis Research Foundation of Canada


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