Revamped Admissions Page Allows People to Decide if Elevations RTC is the Right Fit

Syracuse, Utah, Sept. 21, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Elevations RTC recently revealed a more in-depth Admissions Section on their website. This is where potential students, along with the family members, can view the program and see exactly what is offered, and who is accepted. With more detailed information, Elevations hopes that they are more transparent than ever before with future families.

There are bound to be questions about the admissions process to any leading residential treatment center in the country. As more and more centers pop up, Elevations hopes to show how they are different from the rest. They highlight on the admissions page exactly who they help and the methods they use.

Who does Elevations serve?

People may have heard about Elevations RTC from different sources, but the initial question many have is whether or not it is beneficial for their particular family member. Elevations RTC is a highly regarded residential treatment center, focusing on high school-aged children typically in the range of 13-17 years old.

Every individual has something they are dealing with. There are students with mental and behavior problems, while others are simply struggling in school. Not only can Elevations help get a person back on track, but there is an increased chance of identifying issues that could be causing problems in the first place.

Some are focused on just one particular issue, while others have many problems or disorders that they need to manage. Each student gets individual treatment and support at all hours of the day. The trained staff put together by Elevations specifically handles a wide array of issues, which gives a lot of confidence to families who might have doubts. On occasion, Elevations will bring in specialists for niche issues, such as occupational therapists, speech therapists etc.

Typical day breakdown

Enrolling in a new program can lead to quite a bit of anxiety. One of the best ways to fight against that anxiety is to lay out a typical day for any potential student. This works to reduce any worries about being able to handle how the day goes upon arrival. It is a pretty detailed schedule followed closely the entire stay. There might be some changes once in a while for special events or meetings, but part of the goal is developing a routine for students to make them feel comfortable the entire time.

If at first it is overwhelming, it becomes a lot easier once a student eases into everything for a bit. Everyone at Elevations follows roughly the same schedule, so that is another aspect that makes life a little easier. It is not that much different from typical school during those hours, but the most significant adjustment might be a more scheduled after-school experience. On average, it takes two weeks for a student to fully adjust to a set schedule and develop the necessary habits to keep up.

FAQs provide details

Over the years, Elevations RTC has received questions that potential and current families have about the program. While they are always willing to take calls and have in-person discussions on what they offer, the FAQ page is dedicated to giving detailed answers on the most common questions that pop-up.

Transparency is the primary key here, allowing anyone considering Elevations RTC to know what they are getting into initially. Answers not only come in text form, but in a three-part video series as well. The video series is provided by students who have gone through the program in the past.

The great thing about these videos is that children potentially enrolling in Elevations RTC hear from someone they can relate to. Being able to see how much of an impact the program can make on people with real problems can provide that final assurance.

Parent resources in one place

It is never an easy time for any parent to send their child to Elevations RTC. There are bound to be countless questions and a lot of worry throughout their child's stay, but there are resources for parents in order to help make life a little easier.

This page provides more detailed information than ever before. Parents will have access to resources online that can help them before, during, and after their child is in the program. Navigating everything can prove to be somewhat tricky in the beginning, but parents who want to be informed have access to more information than ever before.

If the parental resources are not enough, Elevations RTC encourages any parents to contact them directly for more information. They can schedule an opportunity to spend time on campus as well. For some, it provides a sense of normalcy for a short period of time to have visitors, and it calms the parents as well.

With work done in the community, parental resources are also available for these opportunities as well. This allows parents to gather information and have a better understanding of exactly where their child is at all times.

Why accreditation matters

The word accreditation is thrown around a lot with any treatment center, and Elevations explains it to people who might not be sure what it exactly means. The simplified answer is that as an accredited option, Elevations has lived up to numerous standards that put them in the upper echelon of residential treatment centers. They not only follow accreditation procedures and protocols, but they hold themselves to a higher standard to ensure that every student is safe and getting proper medical attention, and their history shows that they have had success.

Families can feel a lot of anxiety sending a teenager to a different area. The goal is always to have them come back home in a much better frame of mind, but programs without accreditation might not have the same resources to help everyone. Whether it is a lack of funding, a lack of proper leadership, or other factors, an unaccredited center is a gamble.

Elevations RTC is licensed by the state of Utah and is also Joint Commission Accredited. They have been able to serve hundreds of families throughout the years in helping their loved one get back on track. Everyone needs to have trust in a program before handing their child off, and proper accreditation is one way to gain that trust.

A community and family atmosphere

Elevations RTC strongly believes in having a community for students to rely on their entire time on campus. That means interacting with peers, and also getting involved in the local community. Elevations has a strong link to several prominent figures in the Salt Lake City area, which opens up opportunities to participate in local community functions as well.

Without embracing the community atmosphere, it can hold a child back. On the admissions tab, it is stressed to make sure that children are very open to necessary changes.

A final look at admissions

Elevations RTC accepts rolling admissions, and they believe that the new information will make everything much more clear-cut. Families should also feel free to call, email, or set up an appointment to learn additional information. 

From online to in-person tours, gathering information on admissions is now easier than ever before. There is no more guesswork for parents, allowing families to make smarter decisions on finding the absolute right fit.



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