Dr. Keith Nemec of Total Health Institute discusses cancer stem cells for cancer treatment

Dr. Keith Nemec is the Director of Total Health Institute

Carol Springs, IL, Sept. 21, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Keith describes cancer stem cells as the key drivers to the growth and spread of cancer. He adds that getting these stem cells to dedifferentiate normally would heal the disease. 
Keith states that for the process to be reversed and cancer cells to start dedifferentiating normally, the internal environment in the body has to be right. He adds that the right internal environment is determined by physical, mental, and emotional factors. To quote him,

Only when an environment that produces health is achieved will the cancer cells revert to normal healthy cells.”

For simplicity, Dr. Keith compares cancer to a beehive. In a beehive, the queen grows the hive and can regrow it even if one kills all the bees. Similarly, Dr. Keith says, unless one gets the cancer stem cell to dedifferentiate normally, cancer will keep recurring no matter how much chemotherapy is done. This, he adds, is because chemotherapy and radiation do not kill the cancer stem cells. They only kill the “worker bees” but not the queen bee cancer stem cell.

Dr. Keith further explains that cancer forms when toxins build up in cells triggering them to enter into a survival mode. He adds that when the toxicity gets into the nucleus of the cell, the cell tries to survive by dedifferentiating into a stem cell. As such, without dealing with the issue of toxicity in the body, chemotherapy may not be very effective. 

He goes on to offer statistics on the success rate of chemotherapy. He states that in a 20-year Australian study on lung cancer, survival rate only increased by 2 months and with a survival rate of under 5% when treated with chemotherapy. The study also found that in the U.S., chemotherapy’s 5-year survival rate in adults was just 2.1%. 

He concludes by stating that to permanently deal with cancer, cancerous cells should not be treated as foreign objects that should be purged. Instead, they should be treated as the person’s own cells trying to survive. To help them survive and revert back to a normal cell, one needs to clean up the internal environment.

Total Health Institute helps patients restore a non-toxic environment which can stop the proliferation of cancer stem cells. They have done it for 35 years, and the technique is measurable. To learn more about it, get in touch via totalhealthinstitute.com.


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