Financial Venture Studio Opens Application for Next Seed-Stage Fintech Cohort

Selected startups receive capital and a bespoke program designed to help fintechs succeed

San Francisco, California, UNITED STATES

SAN FRANCISCO, Sept. 23, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Financial Venture Studio (FVS) is now accepting applications for its next seed-stage cohort. Interested U.S.-based companies should apply today for the chance to be part of the nation’s premier program for seed-stage fintech startups. Selected companies receive an investment of between $100,000 and $1 million in capital from the Studio, and participate in a bespoke six-month, non-residential program designed to help them navigate critical elements of the financial services industry. Applications are due November 2, 2020. More at:

Collectively, FVS partners have invested in and advised many of the fastest-growing and most successful fintech startups of the last decade. The Financial Venture Studio program is designed to solve for fintech-specific issues the team has seen over the last several years.

“As a fintech founder, I saw firsthand the value of building a strong network in the financial services ecosystem,” says FVS Managing Partner Tyler Griffin, who previously founded Prism Money, which he sold to Handle Financial. “You can’t build these companies alone, and we save our teams years of execution challenges by helping them navigate through critical technical, regulatory, legal, communications and capital markets issues. Especially now, when networking and meeting new people is nearly impossible due to travel restrictions, getting access to critical partners and experts is immensely valuable.”

The Studio’s most recent class of fintech startups includes Agentero, Anvil, Copilot, Everlance, NestEgg, Reserve Trust and Zaam. Previous program participants include Flex, Harvest, Pillar, Point, Resolve, Sheltr (acquired by insurance unicorn Hippo), Atlas Health, HoneyBee, Joust (acquired by ZenBusiness),, and Token Transit.

As a result of the FVS program, cohort company Anvil successfully engaged with Sunrise Banks to process millions of dollars in PPP loans in a matter of days. The company recently raised a Series A led by Gradient Ventures. Anvil’s co-founder Mang-Git Ng says, “If you are a technology company that’s building, selling, or working in financial services, you need the FVS team.”

“This is probably the most valuable program you can do as an early stage fintech startup anywhere in the world,” says Cathrine Andersen, co-founder and CEO of “Our participation took us to where we wanted to get much quicker than we could have on our own, primarily through an incredibly strong network and valuable hands-on advice.”

FVS seeks technology companies in the financial services industry that are launching products that have the ability to transform the industry. When making investments, FVS prioritizes firms that demonstrate rapid execution, strong technical competency, and high user engagement. “We think our program is well-suited to highly technical teams that need to learn more about some element of the financial services industry to be successful,” says Ryan Falvey, Managing Partner at FVS.

Financial Venture Studio invests in great teams who are seeking to improve how Americans conduct their financial lives. From more efficient savings to superior investments to faster payments and better information, the promise of today’s financial products has never been greater. Learn more at

Shannon Austin
Financial Venture Studio