Psychic Predictions - What will happen in the next 20 years according to Kasamba's gurus?

NEW YORK, Sept. 23, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The world is constantly changing. Humanity has made unprecedented wavelengths in technology, medicine, and infrastructure and we have never been more advanced than now. However, with these incredible feats come great challenges and even though the world has evolved for the better through exercising equality, compassion, and tolerance, we are seeing more people become less satisfied with their lives and always looking for the next best thing. Nonetheless, Kasamba’s psychics note that one concept that hasn’t changed through the years is the desire to find love and companionship. Humans thrive on interpersonal relationships and, in many cases, become the best version of themselves when surrounded by people who love and support them.

With so much turmoil and suffering in the world, from geographical conflicts and clashing politics to global warming and pandemics, love is the one concept that can rise above and stand strong. The dawn of the millennium marked significant changes in the world that we once knew. Arguably the biggest development of all was humanities’ use of the internet and how it became a necessity, not just for work and education, but how we connect on a minute-by-minute basis.

Today, as over 4 billion people have access to the internet, the need to meet in person and facilitate face-to-face interactions has been significantly diminished. Gone are the days when people would have to travel to meetings for global corporations, logging into a Zoom or Skype meeting is part of the new wave where decision making can be done instantaneously and the budgets for business travel are notably smaller. In addition, maintaining and developing personal relationships with one another is also done over the Internet. Whether it be speaking to loved ones over text or video chat, meeting a new potential suitor over a dating app, or speaking to your Kasamba advisor, human touch has taken a back seat and we have become heavily reliant on technology and the Internet to maintain and encourage new relationships.

With these technological advancements and in our society of immediacy, humans have become inherently impatient. Whether it be a business meeting, a home delivery, an album drop, a new TV show, or speaking to a psychic, everything can be accessed at your fingertips in a matter of seconds. However, by creating an expectation of instant delivery, we are also creating increased stress and pressure for instant gratification and feel compelled to reply to messages within a limited time frame or fear being deemed inefficient or complacent.

It isn’t just social commentators who have noticed this shift and predicted what the next 20 years have in store for us. Kasamba’s psychics have also weighed in on this complex subject with Love Psychic Indi adding that “a new era will start in the World. A world of new hi-tech, metals like titanium, lead and few others will play an important role . We will be much closer to robotics and automatic machinery with less human touch.” They added that this new world will be “running with bliss of lights and machines. I am thinking about that world too and getting insights that while we will be using a lot of advanced technologies and machines for most of our work i.e. driverless cars, wrist phones, data in our nails, 11G data transfer in seconds and much more.”

Nonetheless, Love Indi also added that according to their insights, “what my guides are showing is that during this time our immune system will play an important role for us to face the new world war of the year 2036.” While there was no divulging exactly what this war would be, 2020 has already seen the war against Coronavirus, a pandemic that has swept the globe and taken millions of lives already. From this, health officials have noted the importance to boost our immune systems in the probable event a similar virus takes place in the future.

On the other hand, the event of a global pandemic has brought out a side of humanity that has not been seen in the last 20 years. With everyone in the same position, a sense of kindness, altruism, and compassion has manifested itself with people going out of their way to help one another in this global crisis. Psychic Debbie noted this positive change and added that in the next 20 years “I do see the world coming together more as a unit than separated. I see more love, patience, and understanding. I also see that people will love harder, appreciate the little things in life, and there will be less crime and more peace and appreciation for our planet.” In many cases, extenuating circumstances have proved to be a catalyst for positive change in the world, and 2020 appears to be no different.

In a time where health is of the utmost importance, people have begun to realize that materialistic and replaceable goods do not hold the value that they did prior to this year. Psychic Debbie added that there would be changes in currency in the next 20 years too. While some may interpret this to be of monetary value, this currency change could also be in the form of how humans interact with one another.

With countless changes that occurred in the past 20 years, it can be expected that even more will take place in the future. Psychic Totem Aion noted what will happen to relationships in the next 20 years explaining “This will be a testing period for all kinds of relationships. We can easily sense that already, as old forms and dynamics are breaking down, causing conflicts and contrasts.”

They added that “The process will not always be easy and will generate a fair amount of turbulence, but it will lead to a paradigm shift in relationships that will eventually help us connect in more efficient ways. New types and methods of spirituality will emerge. Efforts to align our physical body with spirit through spiritual practices will help us become more and more psychic. Awakening our psychic abilities not only will help us understand our life's purpose but also it will help us strengthen our manifesting powers. During this time of great change, and often turmoil, we all need to remain open, flexible, and willing to follow the natural flow of things.”

It has become overtly clear that fostering relationships with those around us, as well as building new bonds, and harnessing positive energy is a crucial component within humanity, but how we do this has been under constant transition through the ages. In 20 years of Kasamba, countless relationships and bonds have been made stronger through the guidance and insights of our advisors. The year 2020, perhaps more than any other of the millennium has been instrumental in instigating change and everything around us is in the process of being modified in response to the detrimental pandemic. What has become apparent is that the next two decades will see unparalleled developments of which our relationships, careers, and essentially entire lives will see an extraordinary new normal. Nonetheless, with the dark times we have seen recently, Kasamba’s psychics noted that there appears to be a light coming through which presents humans as loving, compassionate, and kind beings, understanding that over everything, love and friendship are paramount in bettering the future generation.

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