DXOMARK reveals why perceptual evaluation is essential

Paris, France, Sept. 23, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- DXOMARK, the scientific benchmark that tests smartphones, lenses and cameras and that is referenced by manufacturers world-wide, has just revealed why perceptual evaluation is an essential component of its image quality assessment. Created as a complement to its objective lab tests, perceptual evaluation ensures detection of unpredictable camera behavior, widening the scope of the protocol for DXOMARK scores.

Perceptual analysis is not subjective analysis. Rather, it is the evaluation of image quality attributes by human operators using strict scientific methodology to ensure unbiased results. At DXOMARK, perceptual evaluation is performed by experienced image quality engineers and technicians who examine shooting protocol to determine which scenes should be photographed, and analysis protocol to determine which image quality features to look at and how to assess them. Neutrality, relevance, reliability and comprehensiveness were all given utmost importance in designing the protocol for perceptual evaluation.

Mobile imaging systems are complex and incorporate an increasing amount of content-aware processing. Algorithms can now detect the subject of a photo and improve AF tracking capabilities, which is especially important when photographing children, pets, or other subjects in motion. Mobile image quality is dependent more on the content of the scene than was previously the case with conventional cameras, and a wide range of real-life photo test scenes covering several different scenarios is required to accurately assess image quality.

DXOMARK’s perceptual testing covers a wide range of camera behavior. The combination of perceptual evaluation and objective testing enriches the DXOMARK score and makes it relevant in the mobile camera industry.

The DXOMARK perceptual evaluation article is available in full:

url: https://www.dxomark.com/why-perceptual-evaluation-is-essential-for-image-quality-testing


DXOMARK is the trusted industry standard for smartphone and digital camera tests and ratings. Smartphones are rigorously tested under separate Camera, Selfie and Audio protocols. Each protocol requires the device to undergo hundreds of tests for specific attributes, which result in overall DXOMARK score.  For the past 10 years, DXOMARK has been recognized for providing the most rigorous hardware testing, using industry-grade laboratory tools in its analyses, and for establishing the most comprehensive reference database of test results. DXOMARK performs scientific tests to evaluate image and audio quality from an end-user perspective.


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