Presidential Candidate Brock Pierce Testifies Before Wyoming Legislature on Blockchain Banking


Laramie, Wyoming, Sept. 24, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- (via Blockchain Wire) Independent candidate for President of the United States, Brock Pierce, was at The President's House on the University of Wyoming campus this morning to testify via a video link before the Wyoming State Legislature on the topic of blockchain banking. 

As a pioneer in blockchain technology, Pierce testified on how to bring capital to towns throughout America rather than just to the coastal hubs of venture capital. Pierce, having founded two banks in Puerto Rico, provided additional testimony on the topic of how to upgrade banking to deliver financial inclusion, allowing banking to be available to everyone.

"Financial inclusion is something that's very relevant to not just this country but the world at large -- and creating systems to provide for more cost-effective mobile banking solutions, lowering the bar and making banking more accessible, is just good for humanity and this country in general,” Pierce testified. “I am committed to support the work that you're doing here, pushing this forward."

"The major impact of this legislation and the job-creation and all of the things that I assume you're hoping will come from this really starts to happen once you have your first successful bank,” Pierce continued. “It is an arduous process but, once you've established your first successful operation, that's when others will follow.”

Pierce, 39, grew up as a successful child-actor, starring in 11 Hollywood films, including Disney’s The Mighty Ducks and First Kid, before becoming a successful entrepreneur as a young man. Inspired by technology and innovation, Pierce co-founded, advised, and funded more than 100 businesses and became a pioneer in blockchain technology and digital currencies. Pierce has since committed himself to concrete efforts to better people's lives, having become a philanthropist prior to getting involved in the political process.


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