Kaolin Market Size was estimated to be US$ 4.8 billion in 2019


PUNE, India, Sept. 25, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The Kaolin Market Global Market Share, Trends, Analysis and Forecasts, 2020-2030 provides insights on key developments, business strategies, research & development activities, supply chain analysis, competitive landscape, and market composition analysis.

Kaolin is a mineral clay used across industrial applications to improve strength, gloss, brightness, and whiteness of wide range of products. Also known as china clay, owing to its origin from China, the major reserves are located across the United States, Europe and South America. Rising awareness regarding the advantages offered by kaolin has expanded the applications of kaolin during past decade across pharmaceutical, industrial and consumer products. The expansion of building & construction industry across the globe has fueled the demand for high quality ceramic wares, thereby contributing towards the growth of kaolin market. The kaolin production has increased significantly across the globe with increased demand and adoption of advanced technology in kaolin processing. The leading players operating in the market are focusing towards business expansions through strategic partnerships in the form of mergers and acquisitions, which is anticipated to expedite competition in the market.

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Rising demand from paper production and ceramics manufacturing is anticipated to dominate kaolin consumption in coming years

The global kaolin market is segmented on the basis of application, and geography. Based on application, the global kaolin market is segmented into paper, fiberglass, ceramics, plastics, paints & coatings, rubber, and others (agriculture, healthcare, etc.). The applications of kaolin in paper production contributed the largest share of 33.5% to the global kaolin market in terms of volume in 2019 and is anticipated to be a dominating segment throughout the forecast period. Kaolin is used to improve the brightness, whiteness, ink absorption, gloss, smoothness, and opacity of paper. This has increased the demand for kaolin as a filler and coating medium in paper production. Additionally, rising per capita paper consumption is expected to ramp up paper production across emerging markets, thereby fueling the growth of global kaolin market.

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The fiberglass is anticipated to be the fastest growing application of kaolin during the forecast period growing at a CAGR of 5.7% and 5.3% during the forecast period in terms of revenue and volume respectively. The application of kaolin in ceramics contributed US$ 1,036.5 Mn to the global kaolin market in 2019 and is anticipated to witness prominent growth during the forecast period. Expansion of building & construction industry has fueled the demand for high quality ceramic wares globally. Which in turns, has bolstered the demand for kaolin across the globe.

Based on geography, the global kaolin market is segmented into North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Middle East & Africa, and South America. North America is sub-segmented into the United States, Canada and Rest of North America. Europe is sub-segmented into Germany, the United Kingdom, Belgium, Spain, and Rest of Europe. Asia Pacific is sub-segmented into China, Japan, India, Indonesia, Australia, Thailand, Taiwan, Pakistan, and Rest of Asia Pacific. Middle East & Africa is sub-segmented into Saudi Arabia, the UAE, and Rest of Middle East & Africa. South America is sub-segmented into Brazil and Rest of South America.

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Asia Pacific held the largest share of the global kaolin market in terms of revenue and volume in 2019. Asia Pacific contributed US$ 1,921.6 Mn to the global kaolin market in 2019 owing to strong demand from paper and ceramics applications across leading countries in Asia. With positive growth of paper production and increased domestic consumption, the demand for kaolin from Asia Pacific paper production industry is anticipated to grow significantly during the forecast period. South America contributed a share of 11.7% to the global kaolin market in 2019 in terms of revenue. Increased investment in mining activities and availability of abundant kaolin reserves across major countries, primarily Brazil, is anticipated to drive the growth of South America kaolin market in coming years.

Major players active in the global kaolin market include Ashapura Group, BASF SE, EICL Limited, Imerys, KaMin LLC. / CADAM, LB MINERALS Ltd., Quarzwerke GmbH, Sibelco N.V. (SCR Sibelco), Thiele Kaolin Company, and WA Kaolin Limited.

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