DrChrono Adds New AI-enabled Patient Scheduling Features from Holly by Nimblr.ai

Nimblr’s AI-enabled virtual assistant can now help practices automate inbound appointments via Google Maps improving patient attraction and digital conversion

Mountain View, California, UNITED STATES

SUNNYVALE, Calif., Sept. 29, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- DrChrono Inc., the company developing the essential platform and services for modern medical practices, announced today the addition of new AI-enabled patient engagement and scheduling features from Holly by Nimblr.ai to the DrChrono EHR platform.

Holly is the first Artificial Intelligence virtual assistant that automates scheduling healthcare patient appointments in sync with EHRs. Holly’s functionalities allow a boost in patient attendance rates, increase practice revenue and operational efficiency. Holly by Nimblr.ai combined with DrChrono supports the end-to-end journey across multiple digital points, engaging patients before, during and after care. Without any interaction from the patient staff, Holly has been proven to reduce no-shows by 40 percent, rescue 25 percent of no-shows and achieve a 99 percent patient reach.

Holly by Nimblr.ai features now available to users on the DrChrono EHR platform:

  • Physicians and practices can attract more patients online and improve digital conversions by linking Holly to their Google Maps, Google searches, social media and website.
  • A new update to conversation scheduling now offers 24x7 live updating of providers’ agendas.
  • Patient engagement gets a boost with a new front desk automation feature that manages autofill cancellations and open slots.
  • To help support patient loyalty and retention, new features added to DrChrono include, additional reputation management tools, feedback, mass recalls and broadcast messages.

“This is the future of scheduling. Patients want a seamless, mobile way to book appointments and Nimblr’s new self-scheduling functionality gives them that. Scheduling is quick and easy, unlike other online schedulers that can easily overwhelm and frustrate patients. It has decreased our incoming call volume significantly while increasing new patient visits all while syncing the data to our DrChrono EHR,” said Dr. Adam Siegel of Modern Foot & Ankle.

“Nimblr’s conversational self-scheduling feature creates a frictionless way for patients to contact our office, and get an appointment without any human intervention. Yet our patients can interact and use natural language with Holly without ever knowing she’s an automated 24/7 system. It’s like magic,” said Dr. Nadeem Vaidya of Retina Orange County.

“‘Touchless’ AI solutions for the healthcare industry are important now more than ever. With 80% of patients starting their healthcare journey online and the demand for telehealth skyrocketing, the competition for patients in this digital world is the new challenge in a post COVID economy,” said Amanda Light, Director of Growth of Nimblr. “Our AI solution coupled with DrChrono is helping physicians and their practices bring scheduling automation to a new level for patient attraction, engagement and loyalty.”

“Our world has changed since COVID-19, practices can continue to be successful and accelerate their business during the pandemic by integrating solutions like Holly by Nimblr.ai. This virtual assistant is vastly improving a practices’ operations and efficiencies by managing inbound and outbound scheduling calls, telehealth workflows, reducing no shows and filling canceled slots,” said Daniel Kivatinos, Co-founder and COO of DrChrono. “We started our partnership with Nimblr over two years ago and together we’re helping hundreds of providers. We are thrilled to see it expand and bring continued value to our customers and their patients.”

An explanation of the DrChrono and Holly by Nimblr.ai. inbound scheduling functionality is explained in this video. Learn more about Holly by Nimblr.ai and special promotions here.

About Holly by Nimblr.ai
Nimblr is an AI conversational scheduling platform that helps practices attract and engage patients across multiple digital channels in sync with EHRs. Their AI assistant Holly works 24/7 to automate inbound + outbound scheduling calls, fill cancelled slots, recover and reduce no-shows, all with no staff involvement. A key feature is conversational self-scheduling for patients via social media profiles and Google maps to increase patient acquisition. The platform supports more than 3M patient appointments per year, allowing medical practices to maximize scheduling capacity and save staff time via front desk automation. For more information visit www.nimblr.ai

About DrChrono
DrChrono develops the essential platform and services for modern medical practices to make care more informed, more interactive, and more personalized. The open platform powers electronic health record (EHR), practice management, medical billing, and revenue cycle management solutions for thousands of physicians and millions of patients, and is fully extensible via a robust API and marketplace of applications and services. The platform is facilitating millions of patient appointments and is processing billions of dollars in medical billing. For more information visit www.drchrono.com.

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