GiveGab is Leading Innovation in Education Advancement and Fundraising Technology

Ithaca, NY, Oct. 01, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- GiveGab is leading innovation in advancement for higher education and K-12 schools by providing Giving Day, Crowdfunding, and year-round fundraising technology that is focused on accessibility during a time when virtual engagement is more important than ever.

Despite the uncertainty with fundraising events since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, GiveGab has seen the majority of our higher education Giving Days surpass their results from last year.

“When challenges strike, communities band together, and also entire universities band together in ways they haven’t before, leading them to collaborate and fundraise in different ways.” – Charlie Mulligan, CEO and Co-Founder of GiveGab

The built-in digital engagement tools and live stats on GiveGab’s Giving Day platform have helped drive growth in 2020. So far this year, repeat Higher Education Giving Days run on GiveGab have grown an average of 29.20% year-over-year! Many schools have seen a surprising increase in the number of new donors, with an average 16.85% increase from 2019.

Sarah Lawrence College, Wheaton College, California Lutheran University, Purdue University, and North Carolina State University are just a few of the repeat higher education Giving Days building continued success on GiveGab’s platform in 2020. 

“This was our second consecutive highly successful Giving Day and GiveGab’s project managers were very much key to our success. Their enthusiasm, attention to detail, and overall commitment to our effort was obvious throughout our planning and especially in the days leading up to Sarah Lawrence College Giving Day.” - Gary Carskaddan, Senior Director of Annual Giving Programs at Sarah Lawrence College

Fundraising trends and best practices continue to shift and evolve as schools face the direct impact of COVID-19 both on campus and within their donor networks, and GiveGab realizes that many advancement teams have had things taken from their budgets, including conferences. 

To lift up education advancement professionals working hard to support the greater community and the future of education, GiveGab is giving away an all-access pass to the CASE All Districts Virtual Conference: Better Together, February 16-18, 2021. Enter the raffle by completing the form highlighted throughout the recent Future of Education campaign run through Media Planet and USA Today. 

About GiveGab: GiveGab is the #1 digital solution for Giving Days and year-round fundraising tailored to cause-based organizations, community foundations, education institutions, hospital foundations, and public media outlets. GiveGab offers a complete suite of products and services that make online fundraising easy, enjoyable, and effective. 



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