Orege sells a second SLG unit to GCUA (USA)

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Voisins-Le-Bretonneux, 5 October 2020 (7.00 am)

In July 2017, following the purchase of a first SLG solution from Orège, Dave Hilbmann, Manager of Operations at GCUA stated: «Our need was two-fold. We were looking for a process that would not only provide us a drier sludge cake, but also impart a physical property to it which improved handling and management for a planned research project. Above all, it had to be reasonably priced and low cost to run. I believe we found the solution with the SLG®. The best part is it is also uncomplicated for our operators to run. The Orège representatives worked in concert with my staff to optimize the system and the results are impressive. The SLG® project has exceeded all of the established performance criteria».

During 2019a second SLG unit was rented to GCUA and operated to condition sludge upstream of an Alfa Laval belt filter press.

GCUA has now decided to exercise its purchase option on this second SLG unit.
An annual service contract for the optimization of the sludge treatment workshop and maintenance services has also been signed with the sale. The service contract renews annually.

The purchase is self-financed from the anticipated savings resulting from the performance of SLG solutions:

  • Gain in sludge cake-dryness (between +2 and +3%) allowing a significant reduction in disposal costs;
  • Reduction of polymer consumption of more than 20%;
  • Significant improvement in the granularity of the sludge favouring its valorisation.

This success confirms the full benefit of Orège solutions for improving the environmental footprint.

Ed Bowman, Utilities Director of GCUA said: “We purchased the second SLG because it works.  We see dryer cake that we use less polymer to produce.  Since we switched from incineration to digestion in 2019, Orège’s service technicians were present throughout the process, and provided the necessary assistance for the transition.”

The GCUA-Orège partnership is valuable and is part of a long-term approach, in the context of the evolution of the sludge sector, notably with the implementation of anaerobic digestion. The implementation of an innovative, economical and environmentally friendly solution is a strong argument that consumers appreciate more and more.

On the strength of this partnership established 3 years ago, Orège demonstrates the added value of its know-how in the management and optimization of the entire sludge workshop. The cumulative value of the sales of SLG solutions and other services provided to GCUA since 2017 represent some US $ 800,000 for Orège.

About Gloucester County Utilities Authority (GCUA)

Gloucester County’s wastewater treatment plant, in the State of New Jersey, treats the wastewater of around 300 000 population equivalents. www.gcuanj.com

About Orège

Orège, a player in the circular economy and sustainable development, is an international business specializing in the development and marketing of solutions for conditioning, treatment and valorisation of sludge.

Subsidiary of the Eren group, Orège supports its customers in some ten countries from its sites in France, the United States, England and Germany.

Orège partners:

- The Alfa Laval Group: Scandinavian group, world leader, specializing in the development and marketing of products and solutions for separation, fluid transfer and heat exchange in the fields of energy, environment, agro-food and water.

- The Itochu Machine-Technos Corp Group (IMTC): IMTC is a subsidiary of the Japanese ITOCHU Corporation Group, one of the largest and most renowned “sogo shosha” (diversified trading house), which distributes and integrates industrial equipment and solutions, particularly in the fields of the environment and energy recovery.

Orège has been listed on the regulated market of Euronext - Paris since 5 July 2013
ISIN: FR0010609206 – OREGE



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