Death is Not the End: Author Explores the Beyond in Exhilarating Continuation of Book Series

“Connections 2: The Gathering” by Frank Chodl is the ultimate guide for those discovering their innate potential as psychics, mediums, and intuitives.

Kernersville N.C., Oct. 05, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The fear of death takes away what should be a peaceful acceptance of our transition into the beyond, but how do we cope with the unknown? What more can we do to understand what comes next?  “Connections 2: The Gathering” by Frank Chodl is a continuation of a captivating series that explores how to expand our perception of the spiritual realm and its role in our lives. Breaking down the qualities of psychics, mediums, and healers and discovering where they intersect, Chodl uses his personal experiences and the principles of physics, religion, spirituality, and science to challenge readers to expand their connection to the world around them. This thought-provoking look at Chodl’s journey as an accomplished psychic medium inspires a greater awareness of our personal life journies and core beliefs.


Chodl’s first book of the series, “Connections: A Journey to Understanding” relays many of his own firsthand encounters and helps readers gain an understanding of the paranormal and metaphysical that is all around us. “Connections 2: The Gathering” is an extension of this line of thought and offers readers a look into which abilities they may possess, and how to play into their strengths to help those living and in the beyond. With a third book, “Connections 3: The Journey Forward” on the horizon, the series serves as a look into our continuing work as intuitives and healers of the world.


“Everyone is innately able to do anything that I do and more. It’s not that they can’t, it’s just that they don’t,” Chodl said.


“While Frank Chodl is certainly an accomplished psychic medium, he is also healer, teacher, a pragmatic mystic, and a perennial student of both spirituality and science.  All of these roles are reflected in Connections 2: The Gathering, which is both memoir and a teaching manual,” a reviewer wrote about the book.


During this time of loss, grief, and disarray that COVID-19 has prompted, people are seeking to find comfort in knowing they are not alone. While a medium cannot always prove what they perceive, their insights help reassure others that death is merely a metamorphosis rather than an ultimate ending. Chodl’s insights will attract a plethora of readers, as most can relate to loss during these trying times.


“Connections 2: The Gathering”

By Frank Chodl

ISBN: 9781982247973 (softcover); 9781982247997 (hardcover); 9781982247980 (electronic)

Available at the Balboa Press Online Bookstore, Amazon and Barnes & Noble


About the author

Frank Chodl is an acclaimed Psychic Medium with over 50 years of experience, a teacher (MSEd, MSA, and numerous professional certifications and awards), artist/photographer with works published and exhibited in 16 countries, author, and lecturer. He has been observed by Psychologists, Parapsychologists, and Paranormal Investigators and has done readings for individuals and groups in private homes, historic inns, hotels, battlefields, cemeteries, the Forbidden City in Beijing, PRC, the Anasazi ruins in Colorado, Mayan ruins in the jungles of the Yucatan, and islands in the Bermuda Triangle. He hosts online seminars including the series, “Connections: Mastering Your Innate Intuitive Abilities" which gives attendees a better understanding of their abilities and empowers them to take control of those abilities and more. He currently resides in Kernersville, NC. To learn more, please visit





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