LogistiCare Partners with Atlanta Children’s Shelter to Donate Digital Learning Devices and PPE for New Virtual School Academy

Atlanta, Georgia, UNITED STATES

Atlanta, GA, Oct. 05, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- LogistiCare, the nation’s largest non-emergency medical transportation company, has donated digital learning devices and PPE to the Atlanta Children’s Shelter (ACS) for their newly formed Virtual School Academy (VSA). The VSA was created in response to the COVID-19 pandemic in order to support parents faced with homelessness with the transition to online schooling for their children, making it possible for them to return to work and continue to support their families. 

The donation of digital learning devices fills a much-needed technological device shortfall for the ACS and VSA in particular. The donation from LogistiCare, which includes tablets and chromebooks, makes it possible for children in grades K-5 to attend the VSA, receiving onsite technology access and in-person support with daily lessons and homework from local educators and volunteers. Additionally, LogistiCare facilitated a PPE donation for the entire ACS staff and families participating in ACS, which included adult face masks, hand sanitizers and more.

“The Atlanta Children’s Shelter is fortunate to be supported by LogistiCare,” said Sandra Holiday, Esq., Executive Director, Atlanta Children’s Shelter. “Our shelter serves families with young children living in poverty and on the streets of Atlanta. We nurture them with love, give them respect and provide them with critical needs including education and healthcare. LogistiCare is community focused to better outcomes and through their donation of technology and critical PPE, they have improved the well-being of children and families in Atlanta. We are grateful to call LogistiCare a community partner.”

ACS provides free, quality daycare, emotional support and educational curriculum for children experiencing homelessness, as well as focused social services for their families. A significant part of ACS’ mission focuses on providing assistance to help families overcome the issues that contribute to homelessness, including job loss.

“We’re pleased to lend a helping hand to the Atlanta Children’s Shelter and support their Virtual School Academy, making it a little easier for those families experiencing homelessness to transition through these difficult times,” said Kenneth W. Wilson, Chief Operating Officer of LogistiCare. “LogistiCare is proud of our role in helping to eliminate barriers to education, while helping families move forward and continue paths towards self-fulfilled living.” 

About Providence Service Corporation and LogistiCare:
LogistiCare, a wholly owned subsidiary of The Providence Service Corporation, is the nation’s largest manager of non-emergency medical transportation (“NEMT”) programs for state government agencies and managed care organizations. LogistiCare’s services include NEMT ride management, call center management, transportation provider network development and credentialing, and vendor administration.

LogistiCare is focused on providing access to convenient, cost-effective, safe and reliable transportation. LogistiCare delivers tech-enabled solutions that provide enhanced functionality, stronger network performance, streamlined workflow processes, and higher overall system efficiency. Annually LogistiCare manages over 63 million trips for more than 24 million eligible riders in 50 states and the District of Columbia. For more information about LogistiCare, visit www.logisticare.com.  


About the Atlanta Children’s Shelter:
The mission of the Atlanta Children’s Shelter is to break the cycle of poverty for families facing homelessness by building pathways to long-term self-sufficiency and providing quality early childhood education. Since 1986, the Atlanta Children's Shelter has cared for nearly 8,000 children and helped guide more than 5,000 formerly homeless families to self-sufficiency. For more information, visit: www.acsatl.org or connect via Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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Atlanta Children’s Shelter (ACS) children using digital learning devices  provided by LogistiCare (left to right): Clayshaun, previous ACS kindergarten student; Aseelah Williams, Development Coordinator, ACS; Queen, ACS kindergarten student. Accepting digital learning devices (left to right): Aseelah Williams, Development Coordinator, ACS; Candace Bazemore, Digital Marketing Manager, LogistiCare; 
Allison Griffith, Donor Relations Manager, ACS.

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