ExtraHourz Enters the Maryland/DC Market to Assist Chick-fil-A Operators’ In-House Food Delivery Program

Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina, UNITED STATES

CHARLESTONE, S.C., Oct. 06, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Staffing technology company ExtraHourz is entering the Maryland and Washington, DC markets to assist high-volume Chick-fil-A operators with their operator-led delivery program (“OLD Program”). The OLD Program is the in-house food delivery services led by Chick-fil-A operators utilizing their own employee drivers to ensure the highest quality service.

ExtraHourz is a mobile application dedicated to helping businesses with various staffing demands, from long-term employment to on-demand jobs, including delivery drivers who are seeking flexible work schedules and extra income.

As the pandemic continues, many businesses in the food service sector, including national chain franchises, rely on food delivery services as their main driver of revenue. Meanwhile, on the other side, many people now prefer contactless food delivery over dine-in options as social distancing has become a necessary practice in their daily lives. To meet the rapidly growing food delivery demand, both restaurants and third-party food delivery apps have ramped up their recruitment efforts for new drivers. Similarly, many Chick-fil-A operators are hiring more employee drivers to meet the ever-increasing demand for food delivery services provided by the operator-led delivery program.

Mr. Travelle Harvey, operator of District Heights Chick-fil-A, states, “The reason I put so much emphasis on the OLD program is to ensure that our customers receive the highest satisfaction on food orders delivered by our own team members using Chick-fil-A’s best practices rather than utilizing third-party delivery drivers. As we expand our OLD program, I realized that we need a different type of staffing solution to recruit drivers whose main priorities are receiving flexible hours and extra income. What I love about ExtraHourz is that it allows workers to choose their own work schedule on an on-demand basis in addition to its long-term job recruitment capability. Their platform has been an important tool in our recruitment efforts, and I look forward to growing our OLD Program beyond its current state through our partnership with ExtraHourz.”

As opposed to third-party delivery apps which assign drivers various orders from place to place without being guaranteed the minimum wage, Chick-fil-A’s on-demand employee drivers enjoy the benefits of working directly for a reputable company in a stable environment with the ability to choose flexible hours and earn higher pay including tips.

ExtraHourz continues to stay committed in providing relief for businesses to hire workers that will help meet their staffing needs. At the same time, ExtraHourz aims to provide Job Seekers with full-time, part-time or gig work opportunities that are convenient and fit their lifestyle. Both the Job Seekers and the Job Providers can access the mobile app at either the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. Visit ExtraHourz’s website at www.ExtraHourz.com. For further inquiries, please contact Connie Kolakowski at ckolakowski@extrahourz.com.