Western Sierra Resource Corporation Appoints New Director

Edmond, Oklahoma, UNITED STATES

STEAMBOAT SPRINGS, Colo., Oct. 07, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- WESTERN SIERRA RESOURCE CORPORATION (OTC: WSRC) (“WSRC” or the “Company”) welcomes Mr. Kenneth Pearson to its Board of Directors. 

Mr. Pearson is the founder of Mystere Power Group, LLC (MPG) which was recently acquired (100%) by WSRC. MPG has patented, licensed, trademarked and/or controls myriad environmentally conscious “green” technologies and Intellectual Properties. These innovative advancements pertain to electrical power consumption in heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems; refrigeration; industrial/municipal water and waste water delivery systems; air-water generation and water amplification technology (for organic food production and potable water supplies); and a very timely non-chemical (“green”) sanitization technology for air purification, pathogen elimination, and surface decontamination as a retrofit or new installation in large warehouses, (big box) retail facilities, offices and other commercial buildings.   

Among a long list of Mr. Pearson’s other revolutionary R and D undertakings (personally, and in concert with a consortium of like-minded engineers, scientists, and patent holders) are the design and prototype testing of proprietary, multi-phase (solids, liquids and gases ingested) geo-thermal boundary layer turbines and pumps; two new engine geometries and high speed propulsion systems; VTOL aircraft and marine designs; high-temperature solar systems; and a failure-resistant structural building design (Pearson-Sorensen).

As an inventor, innovator, patent holder, and licensee for numerous “green” conservation, structural, and power technologies,  Mr. Pearson is eminently qualified to oversee the development and application of these and other innovative solutions for vertical integration within the Company’s other Divisions, as well as for licensing to, installation for, and sale to, third party distributors and institutional customers.    

While in the RAAF, he went to night school at Sydney University Law School for 2 years. He graduated from Navigator school and was a commissioned officer at 19 years of age. He served as President of AMF Roadmaster, overseeing the sale of the moped division to a Hungarian company. He also served as Executive V.P of Columbia Bancshares, a boutique investment banking firm. Ken is a licensed pilot, scuba diver and experienced blue water sailor. Mr. Pearson is a talented and creative addition to WSRC’s management team, and the Company anticipates huge benefits to result from his many contributions.  

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