Self-Promoting Real Estate Developer, “Terra,” Accused of Bilking Residential Purchaser’s $750,000 Advance Deposit by Bang Energy, CEO

WESTON, Fla., Oct. 07, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Miami-based real estate development group, “Terra,” has recently touted itself as a maverick risk-taker for “forging ahead” with projects in the midst of Covid-19.  In a pending Dade Circuit Court lawsuit, however, at least one unit purchaser alleges that Terra’s self-styled “boldness” is subsidized, at least in part, by other people’s money.

That unit purchaser is John H. “Jack” Owoc,” founder, sole owner, CEO & CSO of Vital Pharmaceuticals, Inc. a/k/a “Bang Energy,” maker of globally-renowned Bang® energy drink products.  South Florida Business Journal lists Bang Energy as this year’s #1 fastest growing South Florida company with revenue over $25 Million.

In his 2018 lawsuit against Terra—John H. Owoc vs. Terra Weston Residential, LLC, Case No. 18-40336 CA (27)—Owoc alleges that Terra Weston wrongfully kept his advance deposit, exceeding $750,000, after Terra Weston inexplicably, unjustifiably and indefinitely failed to construct the residence at Botaniko Weston development that Owoc had purchased for his family. 

And, in that regard, Owoc is not alone.  Various other purchasers of residential properties to be constructed in Terra developments have similarly complained, and likewise litigated, against Terra, alleging that Terra wrongfully delayed construction and thereafter refused to return deposit monies.

Owoc remarks, “Terra portrays itself as some kind of a development trailblazer. Yet, Terra Weston failed to build the home for which I contracted and plunked down more than $750,000 in advance.  And now, with the help of deposit monies that should have been returned to me two years ago, Terra seeks PR accolades for supposedly doing whatever projects it claims to be doing these days?  I don’t think so.”

About Bang Energy

Jack Owoc is the CEO, Chief Scientific Officer, and founder of Bang Energy and its extensive portfolio of allied brands. Bang Energy was founded in 1993 with one goal in mind:  to produce the highest grade, university-proven sports supplements and performance beverages in the world. Bang Energy has funded roughly 30 landmark, human-subject studies on its products, including BANG® and Redline energy drinks, at UCLA, University of South Alabama, Florida State University, Baylor, University of Southern Maine, Memphis University, College of New Jersey, FIU, and other top universities in the country. Jack Owoc and this team continue to update and release new nutrition products, proudly maintaining his distinction as the "Frontrunner in Sports Nutrition." For more information and daily trendsetting updates, workout tips, and supplement research, stay connected by following Jack Owoc on Instagram, @BangEnergy.CEO, visit Bang Energy’s website,, and follow Bang Energy on Instagram, @BangEnergy

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