IonSense Announces the First Shipment of the JumpShot™ Technology based DART® Source

Next generation Pulse-Gas ionization technology reduces time for mass spectral analysis to seconds per sample while simplifying data processing

SAUGUS, Mass., Oct. 08, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- IonSense Inc., the leader in ambient mass spectrometry, announces the first shipments of their next-generation JumpShot™ Technology enabled DART® source. The system includes all new robotics and control programs that deliver dramatically improved results in its core business of direct analysis in real time experimentation.

The JumpShot Technology system coordinates the two major components of the direct analysis process, ionization and sample positioning, to achieve a major improvement in high speed analysis of samples in ambient air. This new system results in three major benefits for the researchers.

  • Increased Speed –mass analysis at up to 20 samples per minute
  • Reproducibility – improved signal-to-noise and reproducibility in the ionization process
  • Scalability –automated sample control and data analysis provide more reliable peak detection and quantitation

These increased capabilities reduce the time needed to characterize products in complex chemical reactions. This removes the analysis bottleneck from high-throughput experimentation (HTE) that is utilized in catalysis and organic synthesis.

“We are pleased with the high interest in the JumpShot System since its introduction at the ASMS 2020 Reboot in June,” says Brian Musselman, IonSense CEO. “Clearly the need for cost-effective rapid analysis is a pressing challenge in the industry.”

The JumpShot System is available for virtual customer demonstrations in either semi-manual or high-throughput configurations. To schedule a viewing or for more information please contact or go to

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IonSense Inc., established in 2005, is the leading provider of Ambient Ionization sources, systems and integrated solutions for the $5B Mass Spectrometry marketplace. Headquartered in Saugus, MA the company manufactures, sells and markets the DART® (Direct Analysis in Real Time) ionization source, the first open air ionization product to be patented and sold commercially. JUMPSHOT is a trademark of IonSense, Inc. DART is a trademark of JEOL USA.


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