GOL Puts Karate Combat in Spain's Top Sunday Spot

GOL, Spain’s #1 home for sports, has acquired the rights for Karate Combat’s highly anticipated new season, featuring full-contact matches in mind blowing virtual worlds; Spanish champions face off against the globe's best Karateka

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New York, NY | Barcelona, Spain, Oct. 09, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- GOL has acquired the rights to Karate Combat’s second season in Spain. Each Sunday night, from now until December, combat sports fans will get to see the top Karate promotion worldwide in action on the #1 home for sports in Spain. GOL is the leading free-to-air sports channel in Spain and also broadcasts LaLiga, LaLiga Smartbank, UEFA Europa League and the best combat sports events. 

Karate Combat Season 2 features bouts between the world’s top athletes in four virtual worlds rendered in real-time using Unreal Engine, the video game engine behind Fortnite. GOL’s commentators are Albert Fernández, combat sports specialist, and the karate star, Marc Font. Special guest stars from Hollywood and the international sports world will also make appearances. Spanish fighters in the league include Pedro Roman Roig of Ibiza, Igor de Castañeda of Barcelona, Fernando Moreno Paz of Ciudad Real, and Rocío Sánchez of Madrid. 

"The minute we announced the creation of Karate Combat, that Spanish fighting spirit came at us fast and we were approached by the country’s top competitors” said Adam S. Kovacs, League President of Karate Combat (who is also a world karate champion). “We’ve zeroed in on the most skilled champions who also have the cajones for full contact fighting. Spain is well represented in our league and I look forward to seeing how they stack up against top international competition.”

“We are very happy to incorporate Karate Combat into our combat sports offering. GOL spectators will have the opportunity to enjoy the best events with Spain’s star Karate fighters,”  said Francesc Carbonell, GOL’s Director.

Each one hour episode includes 2-3 bouts of 3 rounds each along with profiles shot in the fighters’ own countries, bringing their training, as well as their struggles and passions to life. 

Watch Karate Combat on GOL in Spain every Sunday night. Encore presentations in English are available at Karate Combat YouTube.

Meet the fighters, watch past fights, and sign up for news alerts at karate.com.

About GOL: GOL is the leader free to air sports channel in Spain that broadcasts LaLiga, LaLiga Smartbank, UEFA Europe League, women's football, Padel, Handball and more. The best contact sports are also protagonists in the channel with the comments of the best specialists. The most important sports competitions are complemented by the best specialized programmes such as El Golazo de GOL or Directo GOL. Find out more about Gol at goltelevision.com.

About Karate Combat: Karate Combat is a premier Karate brand which operates a professional full contact karate league. The company seeks to evolve the traditional sport of Karate via karate.com, the World’s Gateway to Karate, and branded mobile apps. The firm has headquarters in New York City and Budapest. For more information visit www.karate.com.


GOL is bringing Karate Combat to Spain! Every Sunday night the world's top athletes, including Spanish champions, will compete full contact in the Fighting Pit, set in a virtual world created by Epic Games' Unreal Engine. Watch on GOL and find out more about Karate Combat at karate.com. Karate Combat is now on GOL in Spain. It's full-contact entertainment with the world's top karate stars including Spanish champions facing off in the Fighting Pit. Watch on GOL and find out more about Karate Combat at karate.com.

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