NovaDine Launches Order Pickup Locker Integration for Fast, Contactless Pickup

Restaurant Industry Tech Firm Partners with Apex Supply Chain Technologies to Offer More Solutions

Raleigh, N.C., Oct. 13, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Raleigh, NC—NovaDine, an online ordering software solution for the restaurant industry, is now offering a new locker feature for online orders, providing restaurants an additional option for quick and contactless service, convenient pickup, and increased efficiency. 

The Apex Supply Chain Technologies Flow-Thru Locker Solution is a double-sided food locker which allows operators to load food at one end and alert the customer to pick up at the other end; the first commercialized, self-serve, automated pick-up station for food.  NovaDine has now developed a system which integrates its technology with the Apex order pickup solution resulting in a brand agnostic process that works seamlessly with any NovaDine integrated POS.

“We saw the value in Apex’s self-serve locker solution and knew that it would be a perfect complement to our technology and client services,” said George Istfan, NovaDine founder and CEO.  “Our solution provides our restaurant customers a seamless digital integration within the POS and provides a QR code for easy locker pick up.”

Apex’s Flow-Thru Locker Solution eliminates the need for customers to wait in line to pick up their online order while the NovaDine technology provides communication between the restaurant and the customer, for a safe and seamless online ordering experience. 

How It Works

Once a customer places an order on the NovaDine site, the order is passed to the POS.  At the restaurant, a staff QR code will print out of the kitchen printer.  When the food is ready, the staff member scans their code at the Flow-Thru locker system, which lights up the compartment in which to place the food.

When the food is placed in the locker, NovaDine will send a notification to the customer that their food is ready, along with a QR code for secure pickup.  Upon arrival, customers can bypass the line and scan or input their code at the locker keypad.  The compartment that is holding their food will light up and open so the guest can retrieve their meal.  The two-sided lockers load from the rear, ensuring workflows are simple and efficient while providing a well-defined pick-up area for the customers.  This easy, quick, and convenient process takes just seconds, and ensures a contactless experience.

Once the food is retrieved by the customer, NovaDine can send a survey to the customer to gain feedback about their experience.  Apex can also track this activity in real-time via their cloud-based platform and generate automatic reports for their management staff.  Per an Apex survey of customers using the company’s lockers, more than 95 percent said they would use them again.

“Together, Apex and NovaDine provide an intelligent, contactless order pickup solution, helping restaurant operators deliver the security and convenience customers want,” said Michael Wills, CEO, Apex Supply Chain Technologies.

About NovaDine

NovaDine provides enterprise-class POS integrated digital ordering solutions to multi-unit restaurant chains. NovaDine is an innovator in the marketplace with unique features like its full menu/order/POS integration with Grubhub, DoorDash, Uber Eats, ezCater and Postmates; patented Group Ordering; proximity triggered Customer Check-In; Order Throttling and Cubby Support for take-out and delivery orders. Additional capabilities include Order and Pay at the Table, Curbside Check-In, House Account Services, Catering Module, and Grocery Services.  In-house delivery support is included with full delivery driver management, as well as Delivery as a Service integration (DaaS) with DoorDash, Postmates and Uber Eats. Prominent restaurant chains like Torchy’s Tacos, Frisch's and Firehouse Subs have deployed the feature-rich solutions to power their online/mobile ordering, catering, delivery and apps. NovaDine was founded in 2007 and is based in Raleigh, North Carolina.



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