MediSprout Reports Record Telemedicine Growth and Expanded Virtual Care Platform Offerings

Company experiences 10,587% second quarter year-over-year growth for its patient application, expands offerings to drive long-term virtual care, and launches virtual care data analytics services

Valhalla, New York, UNITED STATES

NEW YORK, Oct. 14, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- MediSprout, a leading telemedicine and virtual care platform company, announced record growth, new client adoption, and new features for its HIPAA-compliant virtual care solution, V2MD. Founded five years ago by neurologist and interventional spine specialist Dr. Samant Virk, the company saw a 10,587% year-over-year growth for its patient application and a 4,380% increase in provider application usage comparing the second quarter of 2019 to the second quarter of 2020. V2MD by MediSprout is a secure and easy-to-use tool that allows physicians to conduct video calls with their patients from any device, and integrates personal medical devices into the platform to allow physicians and their patients to discuss health data in real-time by viewing right on the screen.

In recent months, MediSprout onboarded five large hospital and multispecialty practices in less than a week and often under its own customized, white label application. These organizations cite the collaboration, cost effectiveness and ease-of-use of V2MD’s one-click telehealth solution, with the security and high-quality video that large multispecialty groups and health systems need today. They also understand that V2MD has tremendous scalability to turn a reactive telehealth solution into a long-term revenue generating growth engine for virtual care.

“Our mission for V2MD has always been to lead a new and innovative approach to consumer telehealth, one that’s simple-to-use with the security, scalability, and deep data insights that larger practices and systems need. While our team has successfully delivered on telehealth adoption, we’re now focused on making sure that organizations understand the value of a long-term virtual care program for driving revenue and improving patient care in creative new ways. The technology behind V2MD helps to strengthen and expand the patient relationship so that their care is enhanced and doctors can be rewarded for spending time with patients who need them,” said Samant Virk, MD and Founder of MediSprout.

Recently awarded Westfair’s annual Doctors of Distinction Award for its telehealth platform, White Plains Hospital in White Plains, NY is one of those healthcare organizations that understands the impact that a scalable telehealth solution can have on its community and those outside of its standard reach.

“Our clinicians at White Plains Hospital were able to get a very personal glimpse into patients’ lives, helping them continue their treatment while many were stuck in their homes wondering how their chronic diseases will be managed without being physically able to travel to their providers. The virtual offering not only enabled our high quality providers to care for their local community, but also highlighted the fact that our community reach is far greater virtually and patients from a larger geography can tap into our expertise,” said Jonathan Bandel, VP of Innovation and Strategy, at White Plains Hospital.

In addition to its significant growth during the pandemic, MediSprout has spent the time innovating across the virtual care platform to identify additional product features and services that will enhance the experience for patients and provide greater revenue opportunities and patient care. The company added new features and functionality in real-time to its already comprehensive product and service offerings, including:

Data Analytics Division

Addressing the needs of enhanced data and insights for large health systems and hospitals, MediSprout recently launched a Data Analytics Division, which provides critical information needed to better understand patient and physician behavior, measure the effectiveness of the telehealth platform, and improve overall performance. The group is dedicated to providing analytics for key areas including clinical and diagnostic dashboards, smart health device data collection and integration, customer segmentation and marketing analytics, engagement models, as well as metrics around patient experience and practice efficiency.

Now Powered By Twilio

To meet the evolving demands of healthcare, particularly during a pandemic, MediSprout partnered with a leading cloud communications platform provider, Twilio, to provide innovative new video functionality. Powered by Twilio, V2MD now offers HIPAA-compliant, higher quality, low-latency video, while providing highly personalized healthcare experiences for patients.

“MediSprout, with its V2MD telehealth solution, is empowering high-quality video visits and deepening the patient provider connection,” said Susan Collins, Global Head of Healthcare Services at Twilio. “With Twilio Video enabled by MediSprout, healthcare networks can rely on the security and high-quality video platform that’s easily scalable to meet their needs for the long-term, and that supports the advanced data analytics and insights that MediSprout provides to its customers. Twilio is proud to help customers like MediSprout deliver creative solutions using telehealth to fuel long-term virtual healthcare innovation.”

Connected Device Integration

With so many connected medical devices and personal fitness monitoring devices, MediSprout understands the value of connecting that personal health and fitness data into the video visit. With API integration, V2MD by MediSprout allows EMRs and other records integration and transfer, medical devices, scheduling apps and e-prescribing to integrate securely into the platform. This allows patients and providers to see that data in real-time during the visit with the patient, continue to monitor and react should something unusual appear.

According to Dr. Virk, at the height of the pandemic, healthcare networks scrambled to implement a viable telehealth solution, and many made the mistake of using web conferencing tools rather than a secure platform that can be scaled to their organization. Those tools were a quick fix and unable to provide practice analytics, proper security, and benchmarking data needed to create a long-term, profitable virtual care program. MediSprout’s comprehensive new offerings address the gaps that many providers have in their current programs.

“With a virtual care platform like V2MD and its advanced data analytics capabilities, we have the ability to fundamentally change the way healthcare is delivered, drive revenue opportunities and improve patient care,” added Dr. Virk. “Our team of experts is always ready to collaborate with a healthcare provider to assist in planning and implementation of creative ways to utilize virtual care across the board.”

About MediSprout

Founded in 2015, MediSprout is a leading telemedicine and virtual care platform company that connects your healthcare organization with your patient population using secure video. Developed by doctors, V2MD helps clinicians provide better care, see more patients, and operate a more profitable practice. V2MD can be quickly implemented and easily scaled, allowing any size practice to be ready within days, so that more patients can be seen from their homes. For hospitals, healthcare networks and multispecialty practices, V2MD’s ease-of-use, HIPAA-compliance, scalability and robust data insights has made it a popular choice among innovation healthcare providers looking to build a long-term virtual care platform to increase revenue, reduce hospital readmittance, manage chronic conditions and ultimately improve patient care. To learn more, please visit the MediSprout website.

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