VeeMed Launches VeeClinic, a One-Click, Virtual Visit Solution for Outpatient Care

VeeClinic Gives Physicians All the Tools They Need on One Screen and Patients, Easy Secure Access

ROSEVILLE, Calif., Oct. 20, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Telehealth technology and services company VeeMed announced today that it has launched VeeClinic, its innovative, one-click virtual care solution that enables outpatient providers to conduct user-friendly visits with patients, from anywhere, and from any device. With COVID-19 a concern for many patients wishing to see an outpatient provider, VeeClinic provides a safe and easy way for providers to reach their patients, and for patients to get the physician care they need, without leaving their home.

For patients in rural areas around the globe where care may not be as accessible, VeeClinic allows patients to virtually connect with specialists who may be based at facilities in more populated areas. Rural patients can receive the best care possible, in a timely fashion, with VeeClinic.

More Than Videoconferencing
In the face of COVID-19, many healthcare systems rushed to video conferencing platforms to be able to see patients remotely. But as time has gone on, it’s become clear that video conferencing is a quick-fix, and not a long-term solution for healthcare providers looking for a complete, integrated virtual care solution. VeeClinic brings the many tools needed to perform quality virtual visits into just one platform.

“VeeClinic is a game-changer for outpatient settings,” said Dr. Arshad Ali, co-founder and CEO of VeeMed. “As a physician-founded company, we saw, from personal experience, a great need for a more advanced and integrated telehealth solution in the industry. Currently, other outpatient solutions require physicians to use one app to see their patient, another app to document notes, another app to view scheduling, and so on. We’re proud to launch a solution that brings everything in one place, which will increase efficiency and streamline workflows for physicians, and allow patients to have access to the best care possible, no matter where they may be.”

How VeeClinic Works
For patients, clicking a single link will initiate their secure telehealth session on either their phone or their computer. Patients are sent the single-use link via SMS and can also get email reminders. Then, they receive via text a security code for extra verification—eliminating the need to create an account or remember a password.

On the provider end, VeeClinic is more than a simple audio/visual tool. While privacy and security concerns have been an issue for some video conferencing and messaging platforms being used in healthcare, VeeMed’s software answers these concerns with HIPAA-compliant audio, video, and messaging, with 256-bit AES encryption.

VeeClinic Technical Features
VeeClinic is powered by the latest version of the VeeMed platform, which includes significant new features and updates. These include a multi-party video capability so that patients and providers can invite family members and caregivers into their virtual visit. Additionally, several care providers can take part in the secure, HIPAA-compliant visit, enabling the patient to get the most complete and holistic care needed.

The platform update also includes a built-in multiple language interpretation service to support patients around the globe. This will allow for interpreters to join a telehealth visit and provide real-time language interpretation for patients, on-demand and 24/7. The service includes 40-50 languages, as well as American Sign Language.

Other key features include full integration with electronic health record systems; stethoscope and ENT scope integration; patient scheduling and automatic appointment reminders for providers, and the ability to match providers with patients.

All of these features are accessible to the provider from within the same screen during the virtual visit — something not available with other telehealth solutions on the market.

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