Trifacta Partners with Fivetran to Automate and Accelerate ELT Data Pipelines

Leading providers of data preparation and data integration join forces to expedite the transfer and refinement of data in cloud data warehouses for analytics

SAN FRANCISCO, Oct. 21, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Trifacta, the global leader in data preparation, and Fivetran, the leading provider of automated data integration, today announced a partnership that simplifies the process of developing and automating extract load transform (ELT) pipelines in the cloud. The joint solution provides business users with 150+ data connectors via Fivetran, while Trifacta’s self-service data preparation platform ensures that diverse data sources are properly cleaned, structured and blended together prior to analytics in cloud data warehouses or data lakes.

“The diverse range of products and services that Inhabit IQ offers drove us to invest in cloud data infrastructure in order to best monitor and optimize these revenue streams. Spending weeks, or even months, collecting and transforming data for Excel reports simply wasn’t sustainable,” said Misagh Jebeli, Business Intelligence Architect, Inhabit IQ. “The combination of Fivetran and Trifacta has dramatically transformed our business, allowing us to create custom connectors with Fivetran APIs to ingest the data sources we need and rapidly transform that data with a few clicks in the Trifacta platform.”

Fivetran and Trifacta are key components of the modern cloud data stack utilized by the fastest-growing companies of today. SaaS solutions such as Trifacta and Fivetran allow data workers to build pipelines up to 90% faster than legacy approaches. Instead of over-relying on IT, data workers can autonomously use Fivetran to program new data integrations and Trifacta to determine exactly how that data should be transformed for use in analytics projects.

“Data workers want to focus their efforts on analytics, not on accessing or preparing data,” said Ash Vijayakanthan, VP of Alliances, Trifacta. “Fivetran deeply complements Trifacta’s mission of automating the time-consuming data preparation process. Now, not only can analysts accelerate all of the tasks required to prepare data for use in Trifacta, they can also work hand-in-hand with Fivetran to easily pull in new data sources. Together, the joint solution has provided tremendous productivity gains for our joint customers.”

Trifacta and Fivetran offer cloud-agnostic support for all major cloud data platforms and seamless integrations with cloud data warehouses such as Google BigQuery, Amazon RedShift and Snowflake.

“Fivetran alleviates the burden of building and maintaining data integrations,” said Logan Welley, VP of Alliances, Fivetran. “We’re thrilled to partner with Trifacta in order to offer organizations a solution that easily provides them with the data they need by way of Fivetran’s ever-growing number of data connectors, and also allows them to quickly transform that data for analytic use with a self-service data preparation platform.”

Learn more about the joint solution of Trifacta and Fivetran during the Modern Data Stack Conference where joint customer Inhabit IQ will be sharing their use of the two technologies. Click here to see the session.

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