Pennsylvania District Attorney’s Office Signs Rekor to Provide Vehicle Recognition Across Agencies

Rekor Will Install 30 Cameras Across Dauphin County

COLUMBIA, Md., Oct. 22, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Rekor Systems, Inc, (REKR) (“Rekor”) (the “Company”) a Maryland-based company providing real-time roadway intelligence through AI-driven decisions, today announced that the Dauphin County, Pennsylvania, District Attorney’s Office has chosen Rekor to provide vehicle recognition services to support five different law enforcement jurisdictions.

The engagement, which totals $525,000 over five years, includes 30 new edge cameras and one in-vehicle Automatic License Plate Recognition (ALPR) system. It will expand Dauphin County’s existing capabilities and add a second angle to 20 existing cameras.

“Our top priority is keeping our residents safe while being good stewards of taxpayer dollars,” said Fran Chardo, Dauphin County District Attorney. “Rekor’s technology allows us to do both. We intend to use this technology to quickly identify the perpetrators of violent crime. When a violent crime occurs, we will use this technology to identify any suspect vehicle and where it went.”

Five jurisdictions in Dauphin County will begin using Rekor technology: Derry Township, Harrisburg City, Lower Paxton Township, Susquehanna Township, and Swatara Township.

“Working with the District Attorney’s office will allow Rekor technology to expand beyond just law enforcement, to encompass other agencies, such as Child Services for example,” said Robert Berman, Rekor CEO. “Automatic vehicle recognition can be a force multiplier and we’re excited to enable Fran and his team with this technology.”

Rekor will begin installing cameras in Dauphin County this month. This engagement continues the momentum Rekor has seen in its partnerships thus far with approximately 75 police and public safety agencies.

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Rekor (Nasdaq: REKR) is a Maryland-based company providing real-time roadway intelligence through AI-driven decisions. Rekor provides commercial and government customers with actionable, real-time vehicle recognition data to enable informed decisions to be made faster and provide better outcomes. Rekor is transforming industries like Public Safety, Customer Experience and Smart Cities in more than 70 countries across the globe with smarter, quicker, cost-competitive vehicle recognition solutions for security, revenue discovery and recovery, public safety, electronic toll collection, brand loyalty, parking operations, logistics, and traffic management. We use the power of artificial intelligence to analyze video streams and transform them into AI-driven decisions by our clients. Our machine learning software can turn most IP cameras into highly accurate and affordable vehicle recognition devices used to help protect lives, increase brand loyalty and enhance operations and logistics, without the need to install expensive new infrastructure. We make what was once considered impossible, possible. To learn more please visit our website:

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